Tanishaa Mukerji: What are the questions about being a virgin at the age of 43?

Marriage is a very important system in Indian society. If no one did, then there are questions about it. If you got married and broke up, there are still questions. For those who are the faces of celebrities, both issues related to marriage (if any) do not leave the chase for a lifetime. While in today’s age being single is also becoming a wonderful state. A section of society has accepted it as a matter of personal choice. Despite this, the curiosity of a large party remains: why didn’t Phala get married after all? Kajol’s younger sister and Bollywood actress Tanisha Mukherjee has to grapple with such questions as well.

They ask him the question because he did not get married despite being 43 years old. None of his intentions seem to be the case. Tanisha is currently in discussion due to the short film “Life is Short”. In this, Tanisha is playing the role of a schizophrenic superstar. It has been shown at numerous film festivals. Zoom TV asked Tanisha if her family ever pressured her to get married. He said: never. My family never pressured me. This is why I have such a wonderful life today. I am very grateful. My mother (Tanuja) always tells me to live life. Life is short.

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Actually, what Tanisha says is also true.

It doesn’t matter if there is marriage or not in someone’s life. The real is what Tanisha tells. That is, while you feel every moment of life, you are living it happily or not. Whether you are a married person or a single person, the true meaning is to enjoy life to the fullest and to live happily. One thing is clear in Tanisha’s words. They are getting happiness only in the virgin life. When it comes to being a woman and being a mother, science has now made it easy for her. Tanisha has her own preparations for this.

A man or woman no longer needs a “life partner” to have children. Tanisha said she wants to have children and had prepared for it a few years ago. At the age of 39, she has kept her eggs safe. Tanisha said: I want children. Everything in life happens according to a timeline. The age of childbearing is medically established. I do not believe in that. You can have a baby at any age. Our gods and goddesses never said that Sita gave birth to children when she was 40 years old. Or gave birth when she was 20 years old. It’s clear that Tanisha wants a child, but she didn’t say anything about when she’s planning. Well now the concept of a single mother or single father has begun. There are many fathers and mothers who have had children without a partner. Among them there are also many Bollywood celebrities. Karan Johar, Tusshar Kapoor, and their sister Ekta Kapoor are important.

These Bollywood stars gave birth to children just for science. His family and friends have no objection to this either. Everyone is living their life to the fullest. With the development of technology, the systems of society are also changing. People may be interested in someone’s personal life, but now being single is not a big question. Society is slowly preparing for this. Many are giving preference to living as a happy life partner without marrying. Arjun Rampal lived in Livin with his partner but did not marry and also had children. Now the meaning of family is changing. However, it is still limited to a section of society. And maybe that’s why people’s interest in questions remains.

Tanisha could not become a successful actress.

Tanisha Kapoor’s Bollywood release was very loud. He worked in movies like Neil and Nikki, Sarkar and Sarkar Raj. But she couldn’t become very popular like Sister Kajol and Mother Tanuja. Although he is still active in both the film industry and on television. He made many headlines on the seventh season of Bigg Boss. Later he also appeared in Khatron Ke Khiladi and reached the final.

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