Ten team members ran out of zero, totaling 2 runs; A cricket team lost by 258 runs!


  • Runs were scored through extras
  • Buckden Cricket Club scored just 2 runs
  • Lost to the Falcons by 258 runs

No team in the history of professional cricket has suffered a defeat like this. All ten players on a team are eliminated without running. Only two runs scored via extra are on the scoreboard. Chasing a goal of 261, they were knocked out by two and lost by 258 runs.

The Buckden Cricket Club, a county club in England, was the loser of this disgrace. The game was against the Falcons in the Huntington County League. Batting first, the Falcons scored 260 for the loss of 6 wickets. In response, not a single Buckden Cricket Club hitter scored a run. Had it not been for the two extras, the scoreboard would have been empty.

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Buckden captain Joel Christian told BBC Sports that he had to deal with such a humiliating loss because he had to go down with the second division team. “The 15 players on the team were unable to play for various reasons, including injuries and personal reasons,” Christian said.

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Aman Deep Singh, who took six wickets for four overs, embarrassed Buckden.

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