Terrorists open fire on the police team in Anantnag; wounded police officer


  • The terrorists opened fire on the police team
  • Attack on Anantnag in Jammu
  • A policeman was injured

Anantnag: Terrorists opened fire on a police team in the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir. The incident took place in the Lazibal area of ​​the Anantnag district. Vetiveyppil wounded a policeman. On Thursday night, he reported that the e’enai news agency had fired at around 8.50.

The shooting occurred in a patrol group. Subsequently, more police teams arrived at the scene and conducted a search for the terrorists.

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Meanwhile, there are reports of clashes between militants and security forces in Rajpora, Pulwama. No further reports were available. E’enaiyan report for the meeting between the army and the militants, said rajpearayil.

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Clashes between the army and militants have continued in Jammu and Kashmir for the past few days. Troops killed two militants in a clash in Kulgam on Wednesday. Two militants were also killed in a clash in Srinagar on Tuesday night. The Lashkar-e-Taiba commander was killed during a clash in the Parimpora area of ​​Srinagar. Two AK-47 rifles and ammunition were recovered from the scene.

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