Thalaivi Movie Review: Love or Hate Kangana, she just gave life to Jayalalithaa

JJ Jayalalithaa’s biopic ‘Thalaivi’ has hit theaters for the audience. A movie has come about Jayalalithaa’s life when she is not among her fans. Thalaivi has hit theaters, but like films previously released for fear of the pandemic, the biggest challenge it faces is dragging audiences into theaters. Theaters are still closed in Maharashtra. It is clear that the possibility of these things having a negative effect on Thalaivi’s business cannot be ruled out.

Well, whatever happens to Thalaivi, Kangana Ranaut, who has won the National Award four times, seems to be achieving another ‘successful’ position on the acting front. Kangana played the role of Jayalalithaa in Thalaivi. Despite the film being counted as a biopic of Jayalalithaa, many important events related to his life have been omitted from it. The allegations of corruption against him and the incident of going to jail have not gained prominence either. Jayalalithaa’s cinematic entries into the film and the difficult situation he faced in politics have largely remained in focus. All the big-name reviews that have come through so far have almost the same “rating”. Kangana’s work in the role of Jayalalithaa is being highly appreciated.

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Bollywood Hungama has praised Kangana and deemed her performance in Thalaivi worthy of national awards. Hungama wrote: Thalaivi’s story is a girl’s journey from heroine to prominent political figure. A girl whose mother sent her to the movies because of her financial situation. Kangana has lived different shades of Jayalalithaa’s life in the best way and she adapts to all colors. In short, his work is an award-winning performance. Noted critic Taran Adarsh ​​has also rated Thalaivi the best Hindi biopic. He has fiercely praised the characters of Kangana Ranaut and Arvind Swami. Arvind played the character of MGR.

The Times of India described Kangana’s role in Thalaivi as excellent and wrote: The character of Jayalalithaa has been portrayed very effectively. He has captured Jaya’s character in Thalaivi very well. Not only did he cleverly copy Jaya, but he also adapted her tone and nonsense very well. The nuances of the character especially Kangana’s performance as a woman of fearless love and despised by people is excellent. Pinkvilla wrote whether you love her (Kangana) or hate her, but because of Kangana’s presence in a movie, the expectations of movie lovers rise … Kangana has done a wonderful job. The movie has added another feather to her crown.


More or less all the reviews praise Kangana’s work. This is also visible in the user’s reaction on social media. But it’s not that everyone is praising Kangana. NDTV described Thalaivi as Kangana’s show and deemed her quite suitable for the character, but the review also asked the question, is that enough for Thalaivi? Kangana’s performance has been questioned in some sequences. Comparing him to Akshay Kumar, Thalaivi has also been called “Propaganda”. However, as of this writing, there have been no reviews from many other big-name media groups.

Overall, there seems to be a good atmosphere at Thalaivi de Kangana. The responses will be helpful in creating better word of mouth. But despite having good content, Akshay Kumar’s Bellbottom’s box office fate was not good. In the Hindi region, all responsibility for Thalaivi rests with Kangana. The film has also been released in Tamil and Telugu along with Hindi. Thalaivi stars Arvind Swamy, Nassar, and Raj Arjun in pivotal roles alongside Kangana. Thalaivi is directed by L Vijay.

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