Thalaivi: Who did the best job between Arvind Swami or Kangana Ranaut?

Directed by AL Vijay, J. Thalaivi based on the life of Jayalalithaa is in theaters. Kangana Ranaut plays the role of Jayalalithaa. It is also being highly praised. What to say about the way his fans were seen brimming with praise, especially on social media. The parents of Kangana and Rajat Arora, who wrote the Hindi version of Thalaivi, have even stated on the basis of their performance that the actress deserves the fifth National Award for the role of Jayalalithaa. However, there is still time to announce the National Awards and there are still many good films to be released. But Thalaivi is already being associated with awards and Kangana’s name appears to be being hyped. Has Kangana really put on such an award-winning performance? Kangana is overwhelming in the movie?

When it comes to acting in thalaivi, many actors have done a great job. If your role was small or large. All five characters come out very well. Among them, besides Jaya, MJR, Veerappan, Karuna and Ramachandran are the most important. Arvind Swamy as MJR (MGR), Nassar as Karuna (Karunanidhi), Raj Arjun as MJR’s advisor, Veerappan and Thambi as Jaya’s personal staff, Madhavan. On the acting front, all of these characters have managed to make the biggest impression.

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Kangana Ranaut and Arvind Swamy in Thalaivi.

Whose best job is Thalaivi, Kangana or Arvind Swami?

Jaya’s character in Thalaivi is the largest and most complex. Naturally, its space is also in accordance with the character and the story. When the same character has many different nuances, it also seems very complicated. Jaya was stubborn, she also had childish antics. He also loved luxury. He loved people and trusted them by drowning. He also took great care of his people. She was considered short-tempered, very stubborn and firm in her tone. All these aspects of Jayalalithaa’s personality are reflected in Thalaivi. Of course, Kangana has made Jaya live on the movie screen with hard work and honesty. Worthy of praise. But.

Jayalalithaa passed away a few years ago. And he was a person that people knew a lot about. Due to this information, a sketch was already present in people’s minds regarding Jaya. Kangana has done a great job for her, but the biggest challenge for her in Thalaivi was assuring the audience that the Jaya they see on screen is actually, right? That Kangana. Kangana is seen coming here and being defeated. In many places he looks like Kangana instead of Jaya. Maybe it was just because the audience had a sketch of their own Jaya in their mind. But that does not mean that your work is normal. His performance is amazing. With increasing age, her transformation as Jaya is also very effective. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t think Kangana’s work is much better than some of his previous benchmarks. Even though Kangana is much stronger here than Manikarnika, Fashion, Tanu Weds Manu and Queen should be counted among his best films.

Arvind Swami surprised in Thalaivi

Thalaivi’s most surprising factor is Arvind Swamy. Before the release of the film, not much was said about Arvind. It was felt that his role would be small. This is how the supporting cast often looks in biographical films. But in reality, Arvind has had success doing Thalaivi with Jaya, as well as the MGR movie with an animated role. As long as Arvind is in the frame, he sits. In many frames, it is clearly seen that he has a great weight in Kangana. His calm and serious face, his appearances as a Tamil star in the ’70s, Kangana’s mentor, and a political figure have all become unmatched. People also say that they have grasped the different expressions of MGR very clearly. Some scenes are so powerful and effective that they can be felt just by looking at them. There is a frame in which MJR sits silently on the receiver’s ear when Kangana calls. He said nothing but his eyes, his cheeks and lips communicate. All the scenes after returning after receiving treatment are extreme. They look quiet and weak, with handkerchiefs over their mouths like old people. Here Arvind looks at the pinnacle of classical acting. Full flange. Seeing Arvind, who has created panic in Hindi through movies like Red and Bombay, in Thalaivi after so many years will give a different feel to the Hindi audience.

I do not have the answer as to who will receive the National Thalaivi Award. But if you ask me by whom you will see Thalaivi again, I will say directly: Arvind Swami. Not that I didn’t like Kangana’s work. Very nice, but Thalaivi’s surprise package is Arvind Swamy.

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