Thank goodness he proves it again, Bollywood will never stop making sub-par movies so soon!

Bollywood is the target of criticism. The reason is the selection of stories. There are many moviegoers who complain that Bollywood does not choose good stories. Even if the producing directors of the Hindi belt chose the right story by mistake. This is how it happened to them, in today’s time when the cinema of the South has worked its magic in the minds of the public. It’s a crisp cake. How bad stories are deteriorating Bollywood as an industry? There are many examples of this, but it is confirmed when we look at the recently released film Thank God, directed by Indra Kumar and starring Siddharth Malhotra, Ajay Devgan and Rakul Preet. I mean, the movie is being told as a family entertainer. But when we look at the movie, the movie has been tested for sin and because the afterlife has also been given priority in the movie, a good movie often seems like nothing more than a piece of white gossip.

In addition to the stellar cast of Thank God, director Indra Kumar also paid attention to the story.

Because the film is by Indra Kumar and because Indra has already done comedy films like Dhamaal, Total Dhamaal, Masti, Grand Masti, then the audience expected something similar from him in Thank God but because this time Indra has done a completely different theme . Chosen and cast actors who are not cut out for such films, a good film has been made.

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As we have clarified earlier, comedy is Indra Kumar’s USP as a director, thank goodness there are many scenes where humor has been given, but Siddharth Malhotra’s kind of rude performance as an actor is given to the audience. Don’t laugh, yes, but it did happen that definitely a lot of questions came to mind, the first question was if the rest of the industry was too busy, that director Indra Kumar had to put up with criticism and listen to all kinds of nonsense. to Ajay Devgan and Siddharth Malhotra.

The kind of movie that is Thank God, it’s not wrong to say that Siddharth Malhotra is the weak link in this movie. If the rest is about Ajay Devgan, he is definitely seen serving his purpose. Yeh toh baat ho gaya hai from the brotherhood of heroes in the movie. Now when we talk about the actress in the movie, you see a lot of interesting aspects in the movie.

Indra Kumar gave Rakul Preet a chance as an actress for the film. Rakul’s role in the film may have been a small one, but the seriousness with which Rakul took her small role doesn’t hesitate to say that Rakul’s future is bright. If Rakul gets the script right, a sensible director and big roles in tomorrow’s date, then she can surely get an award for her role.

Nora Fatehi has also played the role in the film and director Indra Kumar fit her into the film just so that the audience can rest their backs on the chairs in the theater for another ten or five minutes. She has done justice to the article number of Nora’s role in the movie.

Regarding the movie, as we have already expressed this above that the movie is about the afterlife or saying that future things and sins are about virtue. So there are many such occasions in the film that bore us as viewers simply because the story seems to be unfolding and unconnected. I wish the screenwriter of the movie had realized his responsibility while he was writing the movie.

However, it’s not that the movie is bad at all. Yes, it’s a mediocre movie that makes you laugh before the interval, but as soon as the interval ends, it falls into the same league our Bollywood industry was famous for. The rest is also that not much can be shown in two or two and a half hours. The director is intelligent, he understands it very well and maybe that’s why there was such a big mistake that the public had to bear the brunt.

Whether the rest of the movie is good or bad, you’ll only be a grandson after seeing it. So watch the movie, it may be a towel proofing your conscience, you may find the movie good but very good or you may find the movie bad and you can say that as long as that movie is made, apart from the critics, the audience too Bollywood will continue to criticize

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