Thank you Mithali Raj! His decision will be a great boon to women’s cricket.

Whatever the sport in India, but the abbot is everywhere. From cricket to wrestling, all sports are included in it. Remember the era of Jagmohan Dalmiya and Lalit Modi in cricket. At that time, not even a leaf would move without the wishes of both of them. Congress leader Rajiv Shukla’s term also lasted for some time. He supposedly succeeded in getting whoever he wanted, from the state to the national cricket team. Politics off the field has often been seen in the locker room as well.

The coin has been running for the one whose reach has been so high. This type of abbot and politics has also been frequently seen in the women’s cricket team. That is why only one player stays in the team for a long time. Otherwise, leaving a few exceptions, look at the men’s cricket team, they retire between the ages of 30 and 32, but in the women’s cricket team, many players still play between the ages of 32 and 40. Such players continue to stand in the way of new talent. The name of the cricketer Mithali Raj is also included in the players who have been in the team for a long time.

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Mithali Raj, who has been with the team for 23 years, has surprised everyone by retiring.

Mithali Raj retired after playing international cricket for 23 years. He has played 232 ODIs, 89 T20s and 12 Test Matches. During this time, he made many records, but most of them are such records, which have been made because he played cricket for a long time. For example, Ella Mithali is the first female cricketer to play the longest number of 22 years 274 days in international cricket. She has won the most matches as a captain in ODIs. She has won 89 matches playing 155 ODIs.

After him, England’s C. Edwards has won 72 playing 117 matches. Australia’s B Clarke has won 83 caps playing 101 matches. Now it will be interesting to see here that Mithali played 155 matches to win 89 matches, while Clarke won 83 in 101 matches, which is only 6 matches less than Mithali. Similarly, Mithali also holds the record for scoring the most runs in women’s ODIs. She has scored 7,805 runs in 232 games. After him, England’s C. Edwards has scored 5,992 runs in 191 games. Sarah Taylor of the West Indies has scored 5,298 runs in 145 matches.

In this way, Mithali has been playing in women’s cricket for a long time. There have been controversies with him many times, but every time she has returned to the team. Her dispute with Ramesh Pawar, who was the coach of the women’s team, was the most discussed. In the year 2018, Mithali had a dispute with Ramesh Pawar and captain Harmanpreet Kaur over a match. The controversy escalated so much that Mithali was kicked out of the T20 World Cup final held that year. Mithali wrote a letter to the BCCI against the coach and the CoA.

The controversy dragged on, but then Ramesh Pawar was removed from the coaching position and Mithali returned to the team. After this nobody was able to remove Mithali Raj from the team. Not only that, despite performing poorly on many occasions, he stayed with the team. Because of her, many talented female cricketers had to stay out of the team. Not just Mithali, Jhulan Goswami is also frozen in the cricket team despite being 39 years old. Therefore, the women’s cricket team has a long history of female players, which is a threat to new talent.

Let us tell you that Mithali started learning classical dance when she was little. At the age of 10, she had become proficient in Bharatanatyam. But she was very lazy since childhood, so her father, an Air Force NCO, started giving her dance and cricket lessons to keep her active. But there came a time when she had to choose between dance and cricket, so she embraced cricket. Mithali has given cricket a lot of time in her life. She is now going to start the second inning of her life. In such a situation, we wish them the best.

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