The arrest of Aryan Khan has had a huge impact on Shah Rukh Khan’s brand equity!

Shahrukh Khan’s brand valuation is tremendous. Despite the fact that no film of his has come out in the last three years and in the last seven years he has had a setback at the box office. Despite this, King Khan is the most active actor and backs all the big brands. According to the 2020 Duff & Phelps Celebrity Brand Valuation Study, King Khan currently has a brand value of $ 51.1 million and ranks fourth on the top 5 list. But recently, after his son Aryan Khan went to jail in a drug case, the effect of the incident appears to be on the actor’s brand equity.

Shahrukh currently has many high profile brands. These include Dubai Tourism, ICICI Bank, Hyundai, LG, Reliance Jio, Byju’s, and many other brands. After the Aryan case, there are discussions that Byju, currently reputed to be the highest valued educational technology startup ($ 18 billion), has banned Shahrukh’s ads. Shahrukh has been the face of Byju since 2017. He is paid three to four crore rupees annually for endorsements. The company has an advance reservation with Shahrukh. A new advertising campaign was also recently prepared. Despite this, the decision has been made to stop the ads. At the moment, it’s unclear whether Byju’s has forbidden understanding the urgency of the occasion or whether Shahrukh will no longer be the startup’s brand ambassador.

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It can be believed that all this has happened because of the Aryan drug case. After the NCB raid on the cruise ship, as soon as news of Aryan’s arrest in the case came in, people started targeting King Khan and his marks on social media. Among them was a masala bread and a backing from the Edutech company. People said that the father distributes cancer among people and his son turned out to be a drug addict. What advice did Shahrukh follow from giving his son, who advised the children to have a better career through Byju’s? Some people even said that a new curriculum has now been added to Byju’s online class on the rave party.

One user asked Byjus a question and wrote: Will he (Byjus) still retain a person whose own child is currently in NCB’s custody as a brand ambassador for the app that teaches kids? Many people asked Byjus to immediately remove King Khan as a brand ambassador. About Shahrukh’s promotion of all brands on social media, the memes came out fiercely. Most of these mimes were from Panamasala and Byju. Many Byjus-related hashtags were also among the top trends on Twitter.

srk-byjuis_100921050412.jpgAll these tweets against Shahrukh can be seen on social media.

There is no doubt that due to son Aryan Khan, Shahrukh’s professional commitments have been seriously affected. Before Byjus, King Khan had to postpone the Pathan shooting. Shooting for an ad with Ajay Devgan had to be canceled at the last minute. Shahrukh is not going anywhere. Many of his important projects are in the pipeline. But the sudden calamity has definitely gotten them into trouble. The possibility that the entire episode will also have an impact on Shah Rukh’s upcoming projects cannot be ruled out. From the way people’s anger against him is viewed, the actor may have to lose a few more marks in the future.

However, branding experts believe that there is little chance that the things happening right now will have a big impact on the Shahrukh Khan brand. This is believed to be because consumers are not directly affected by existing things. And in such scenes, most brands will not end the deal with Shahrukh. However, experts also agree that Shahrukh’s reputation has suffered due to the drug case and this appears to have a direct impact on consumers of many brands. Here Shahrukh may have to bear a great loss.

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