The baby’s hand in the coffin trembled; Said he was dead and put the baby alive in a bucket


  • The baby was born in the sixth month.
  • The incident took place near Theni
  • The baby is being treated at Theni Medical College.

KUMALI: A baby believed to be dead was handed over to hospital authorities in a bucket. The shocking incident took place in Tamil Nadu, near the Kerala border. The baby was born prematurely and hospital officials pronounced him dead at the hospital.

The baby weighed only 700 grams at birth. The family took the baby’s body home and transferred it to the coffin before burial. But in the meantime, relatives noticed that the baby’s hand was shaking. She was rushed to the hospital with the baby. According to Manorama, the baby is currently in treatment at Theni Medical College.

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The incident took place yesterday morning. The baby was born to Pilaval Raj and his wife Arogya Mary, who live in Periyakulam near Theni in Tamil Nadu, at 3.30am yesterday. She gave birth in the sixth month. However, the hospital authorities called Arogyaraj at 8.30 in the morning and informed him that the baby was dead, and the body was delivered in a sealed plastic bucket. When he got home and began to close the coffin after the funeral, he noticed that the baby’s hands were shaking.

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The Tamil Nadu Health Department is preparing to take action against hospital authorities in the incident. Theni Medical College dean Dr. Sreedharan said action will be taken against those who fell. Lord Balaji has also reported.

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