The Batman Movie will not be released in Russia, ‘Russian Villain’ reappears in the eyes of Hollywood

Russia, which is attacking Ukraine, is constantly opposed by many countries, including the United States and Europe. This act by Russia is being described as inhumane and unnecessary. In opposition to this, many types of economic sanctions are being imposed on Russia. There is talk of ending its membership in the United Nations Security Council. In the midst of all this, the largest film production company in Hollywood, Walt Disney Studios, has decided to stop the release of all its films in Russia. Because of this, now Warner Bros. has also banned the film starring Robert Pattison ‘The Batman’ which will be released on March 4 in Russia. Along with this, the Walt Disney Studio film ‘Turning Red’, which will be released on March 10, will also not be released in Russia.

Disney Studios said of its decision: “Russia has unnecessarily waged war in Ukraine. It is very sad. In light of this humanitarian crisis, we have decided not to release all of our upcoming films, including ‘Turning Red,’ in Russia.” It has been decided. The release of ‘Turning Raid’ was scheduled for March 10.” The creators of ‘Batman’ said: “Warner Media will suspend the release of its feature film ‘The Batman’ in Russia due to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. We will continue to monitor the situation as this situation may change. We look forward to a swift and peaceful resolution of this tragedy.” The Batman, from director Matt Reeves, stars Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro and Peter Sarsgaard, as well as Robert Pattinson and Joe Kravitz.

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Walt Disney Studios and Warner Bros. will not release their films in Russia at war with Ukraine.

The background of this decision against Russia is ancient!

This decision made by the Hollywood film production company Walt Disney Studios and Warner Bros. against Russia is not surprising, because its antecedents are very old. As we know, Hollywood is the name of the film industry of the United States of America. It was established in 1910. Film production companies such as Columbia Pictures, Disney Studios, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures are an important part of it. Hollywood always represents its country, government, society and people. Unlike Bollywood, there are no egotistical anti-government or anti-national elements. This is why Hollywood also plays a major role in spreading their country’s propaganda, which is considered a necessary step for national security. Under this propaganda, the Russian has been shown as a villain in Hollywood movies for a long time. It started with the Cold War between the United States and Russia.

Watch Russian villains in these Hollywood movies

In most Hollywood movies, Russians are portrayed as drug addicts, criminals, spies, arms dealers, and thugs. Incredible ‘John Wick’, ‘The Equalizer’, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’, ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’, ‘The November Man’, ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’, ‘Jack Reacher’ Pick up and watch Hollywood action movies like ‘Limitless’, ‘Salt’, ‘The Drop’. The characters of all his villains are Russian. In these movies, an American hero defeats the Russian villain every time. He intends to save the world and society from them. In reality, Hollywood screenwriters are primarily responsible for this. Who presents the Russian as a villain in his stories. They believe that a Russian who gets drunk drinking vodka can do nothing but commit a crime. They derive satisfaction from showing that the people of America are the most capable in the entire world. The most ethical.

How effective is the decision to ban the film?

Walt Disney Studios and Warner Bros. have banned their films in Russia, but here the question arises, what will be the effect of this ban? In such a situation, let us tell you that the films of these two Hollywood production companies are very popular all over the world. They are published in different languages. Walt Disney Studios has been making movies since 1930. Their famous movies include names like The Lion King, Incredibles, Ghost of the Mountain, Dangal, and The Jungle Book. At the same time, Warner Bros. has made such films as the Harry Potter franchise, The Lord of the Rings, The Dark Knight Rises, The Batter, The Superman, Suicide Squad, Gravity, Godzilla and The Terminator, which have shaken the world. whole. People eagerly await the release of all these movies. They have a madness in Russia too. In such a situation, those viewers will be disappointed if the movie is not released. The business due to the film will also be affected. However, this is more of a symbolic decision.

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