The best juices to help eliminate constipation.


  • Eating lots of fiber can help prevent constipation
  • Juices can provide multiple nutrients
  • Apple juice can help fight constipation

Constipation is a problem that bothers many people. Constipation can be caused by the use of certain medications, eating certain foods, not drinking enough water, and a lack of certain nutrients. Constipation worsens when digestive functions slow down. Drinking lots of water and eating foods rich in fiber are some of the common remedies for constipation.

Constipation can be prevented by paying attention to healthy eating habits along with regular exercise. Here is an introduction to some nutrient-rich juices that can help you get rid of the problem of constipation.

Some juices to get rid of constipation.

Many home remedies can help you deal with constipation effectively. A proper diet can help prevent and prevent constipation. Adding more fiber to the diet is recommended when constipation occurs. Did you know that juices can help relieve constipation? It is also recommended to drink enough water to prevent constipation. Liquids also help prevent constipation. These will keep you hydrated and give you different nutrients. Here are some homemade juices that can help fight constipation and provide multiple nutrients.

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1. apple juice

Apple juice contains vitamins A, C, E, K, and folic acid. It is low in calories and fat. Apple juice is good for fighting constipation. Make sure to drink apple juice in moderation to combat constipation.

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2. Pear juice

Pear juice contains many essential nutrients such as vitamin C, K, and potassium. Pear juice can also help prevent constipation. It is also suitable for treating constipation in children. You can add a little lemon juice or ginger to it for a better flavor.

3. Lemon water

Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C. Lemon has many benefits for health and skin in general. This juice can also reduce constipation. To prepare this drink you can add the juice of half a lemon to a cup of warm water. You can also add a little honey to taste.

4. Prawn juice

Prune juice is rich in nutrients. Made with dried plums, it promotes better digestion and eliminates digestive problems. You can also eat dried plums to combat constipation. This juice also helps control high blood pressure as it contains potassium.

Note: The content here is only general information. It is in no way a substitute for the medical advice of an expert. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

The solution for constipation in children is raisins.

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