The Best Tips & Tricks to Fight Against Apple Maggots

Why apples are often attacked by apple maggots?

It sounds nice: the apple we like is also loved by a butterfly. Only that the codling moth, a moth, lays its eggs in this fruit, from which apple maggots then hatch and we can then no longer enjoy the infested apples. This danger can only be eliminated by setting up an apple maggot trap.

What helps against apple maggots?

For the control of apple maggots it is necessary to know that tiny maggots of the insect overwinter as a cocoon already on the trunk of the fruit trees. Therefore, it is extremely important to fight apple maggots very early in the year. The female of the butterfly lays her eggs in the still young fruit in spring and autumn. If you do not protect your trees with an apple maggot trap, the entire crop can perish. This means that you often notice too late when a tree is already infested with apple maggots. Therefore, it is essential to equip the fruit trees with an apple maggot trap in any case.

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This is the only way to eliminate these pests. Such an organic spray against apple maggots works as follows: A pheromone trap as a remedy against apple maggots is a plate coated with glue, which attracts and destroys the male butterflies with their scents. In this way, you can weed out the males and they can then no longer fertilize the females. The Neudomon apple maggot trap works on this principle and is therefore a proven remedy against the small pests.

Is there a biological way to prevent apple maggots?

There is also a biological way to get rid of apple maggots. Granupom is the organic spray from the house Neudorf against this moth. By destroying the larvae, both apple and pear trees remain apple maggot free from Neudorff. With this biological spray, you can get rid of your uninvited guests without harming beneficial insects, such as bees.

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By a virus, which is sprayed in a sugar solution on the still small fruits, one has as with the pheromone traps a safe way of control with apple maggots. The Neudorff apple maggot trap is a thus effective means of preventing a maggot infestation with destruction of the entire fruit crop.


Basically, an apple maggot trap to protect against the harmful moth but not only applies to apple and pear trees. It is strongly recommended that other fruit trees, such as the pome fruit varieties like cherry, plum or plum a fruit maggot trap belt from Neudorf at the beginning of the summer directly on the ground around the tree trunk. In this maggot trap for fruit trees, the small ones hide to be able to pupate later to one of the uninvited moths. Under the trap belt you can easily collect them and prevent their reproduction.

If you have several fruit trees, you should in any case provide each individual tree with a maggot protection, because otherwise the small voracious little animals could “make themselves at home” on all trees and thus endanger the entire fruit stock.

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