The bride has no mask for the wedding photoshoot; Case for violating Kovid regulations


  • Case against the bride and groom
  • The police seize the camera
  • In the marriage controversy

Pune: The police have registered a case against a newlywed for taking a photo session without wearing a mask. In addition to the girlfriend, there is a case against the driver of the car and the photographer, the news agency reported. The incident took place in Maharashtra.

The incident took place on Tuesday morning. Kovid has filed a case against the girlfriend and her gang for violating 19 regulations. There is also a case against some of the others who were at the wedding party. The camera used to record the scenes was also taken into police custody.

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The photoshoot took place in the Dive Ghat area near the city of Pune. The bride was riding on the hood of a Scorpio car as part of a pre-wedding photo shoot. The performance was in a flower-decorated car. His images also went viral on social media.

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Following the incident, the police had charged the gang under sections 269, 188, 279, 107, 336 and 34 of the IPC. Apart from this, cases have been registered under the Disaster Management Law and the Motor Vehicles Law. The group also faces charges of violating the Maharashtra government’s special Kovid 19 regulations.

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In Maharashtra, the number of Kovid cases is increasing. In Maharashtra, where the number of cases rose to 67,000 a day in April, 7243 new cases were recorded yesterday. But in many places, people are reportedly reluctant to wear masks and maintain a social distance.

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