The celebration continues, Kovid 19 for Indian cricketers! Are you touring England in crisis?

London: Indian cricketers who arrived for the cricket series in England have been confirmed. Several players were reported to be infected. The names of the players have not been released. The five-round series against England begins on August 4. The series may need to be postponed if more players become infected. There are currently no significant Kovid 19 restrictions in England. So the reverse was that the players were celebrating the party. Players found time to hang out with participants and attend parties. This caused an infection. The discovery of the disease just before the training match has raised concerns among the players and the team management. A sample was taken from the player on July 10 for testing. The result came on the 14th. Everyone close to the player during this period must go to quarantine. More players have been added to the team in the context of Covidan. India’s training match is against County XI on July 20. The loss of this three-day match will affect the series against England.

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He came to England for the World Test Championship against New Zealand. The players had 20 days off after the final. With Kovid leading to 19 instances of unrestricted Christmas celebrations, the Indian camp may face tougher restrictions. Kovid 19 was also confirmed to players a few days ago. After this, the team disbanded in the series against Pakistan.

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