The center establishes vaccination limits in private hospitals; Vaccine stock control


  • The vaccine can be purchased up to four times a month.
  • Government Guidelines for Ensuring Vaccine Availability
  • No special permission from the government is required

New Delhi: The government has set limits for vaccination and hospital procurement through private hospitals across the country. Starting July 1, hospitals will no longer be able to purchase vaccines directly from vaccine manufacturers, according to a new government guideline. To ensure that the vaccine is available everywhere, the government has developed a new formula to determine the amount of vaccine that private hospitals can store.

According to government guidelines, private hospitals can buy and store only twice as many vaccines as last week. But hospitals can check what figures of the week to look for. This will be decided based on the information available on the Covin platform. That is, if a hospital administered 630 doses of the vaccine during the week of June 10-16, the average daily dose would be 90 doses. Based on this, the Center will allow the hospital to purchase a maximum of 5,400 doses of the vaccine, assuming a maximum of 180 doses of the vaccine are required every day for the next month. These figures can also be corrected by estimating vaccine consumption during the first 15 days of each month.

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The government plans to distribute 25 percent of the total vaccine produced in the country through private hospitals. From here, people have to pay and get vaccinated. The government aims to make the vaccine available to everyone over the age of 18 by December.

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At the same time, the vaccine will be made available to hospitals where the first vaccination with Kovid is started in proportion to the number of beds there are. The guideline states that private hospitals can buy the vaccine up to four times a month and do not require special approval from the government.

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