The Center urges states not to file cases under TI Law 66A

New Delhi: The Center has directed states not to bring cases under TI Law 66A. Police stations should be instructed not to file cases under this section. The order also says that if cases are registered, they must be withdrawn. The Center’s order follows criticism from the Supreme Court that cases are still pending in various parts of the country under the repealed law. The Supreme Court struck down 66A, saying it was against free speech. The law provides up to three years in prison for posting abusive material on social media. The Center has directed states to sensitize law enforcement agencies to the need to abide by the order issued by the Supreme Court on March 24, 2015. Earlier this month, the Supreme Court said it was “surprising” that the people were still being prosecuted under the repealed law. The court asked if he thought this was surprising and shocking. The court said that what is happening now is horrible.

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