The Conversion Movie Is It The Next Chapter Of ‘The Kashmir Files’?

“Those who make fun of our daughters by tying up Tilak Kalava, let them get better, because the country’s Hindu has woken up”… This dialogue from the movie ‘The Conversion’ tells the whole story. It is clear that the film is based on a sensitive and burning issue such as the jihad of love. But the way the film is shot, it doesn’t include it in A-grade movies at all, but shows glimpses of B-grade movies. However, from the way it is discussed on social media, some people have started comparing it to Vivek Agnihotri’s movie ‘The Kashmir Files’. Just as ‘The Kashmir Files’ gave people in India a chance to think and discuss about the oppression of Kashmir Pandits and the genocide of Hindus in the Valley, the love jihad theme of the film ‘The Conversion’ is destined to explode. again. . It has been alleged that the game of enticing Hindu girls to marry them is organized by young Muslim men. And after marriage, they are pressured to accept Islam. If they don’t, they are put to death. Similar discussions take place about ‘love jihad’.

It is believed that the film ‘The Conversion’ is related to a serious concern of the majority society, but it is too early to believe that this film will have the same impact and spread as Vivek Agnihotri’s film ‘The Kashmir Archives’ had. Because Vivek made his film with the best technology with the best star cast in Bollywood. Actors like Anupam Kher, Mithun Chakraborty, Darshan Kumar and Pallavi Joshi are present in the film. Along with this, the promotion of the movie was also done in a planned manner. Everyone knows that The Kashmir Files has been a huge success due to its word of mouth. The main reason for this has been that at every promotion event, Vivek along with his film crew kept the families of Kashmiri Pandits suffering. In this way the real pain of Kashmiri Pandits was presented in front of the people, which directly connected with the people. By contrast, the making of ‘The Conversion’ appears to be second rate. There are also no famous artists in the film.

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The movie ‘The Conversion’ is based on a sensitive and hot topic like Love Jihad. Vindhya Tiwari, Prateek Shukla and Ravi Bhatia have the lead roles in the film ‘The Conversion’ directed by Vinod Tiwari. Very few people know the three artists. All the shooting of the film has been done in Benaras. One thing that can be pointed out here is that during the film’s press, its creators had definitely tried to create a stir. Delhi BJP leader Kapil Mishra was invited as the main guest on this day. People and journalists from many right-wing organizations had also communicated in large numbers with Kapil’s call. Much is being written on social networks about the film. The film was released in theaters on May 6, but very few people will know about it. It is possible that in the future, due to word of mouth publicity, the film will run as ‘The Kashmir Files’ and earn a bumper. Looking at the IMDb ranking, it looks something like this. Currently the movie’s rating is 8.9/10 which is higher than ‘The Kashmir Files’ rating at 8.3/10. The film also grossed Rs 2.50 crore worldwide on the first day.

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Senior journalist Umesh Upadhyay has written his review on social media after watching the movie ‘The Conversion’. He writes: “If we look at the story of the film, the film remains a bit cheerful until the interval. The good music, the wise lyrics of the scene and the elegant location give the film momentum. The songs are melodious. The director Vinod Tiwari has portrayed the ghats of Varanasi, the quiet campus life and the conflict between a cultured Hindu father and his “modern” daughter. The story is written by Vandana Tiwari. The film manages to say that ‘Love Jihad’ is no longer just a political fantasy of Hindutva, but such a reality that society has to suffer continuously. Although love and jihad seem like two different endless borders, religious fanaticism sometimes does not allow a man to remain a human being. How a sacred feeling as love can be misused in fanaticism to spread their religion, the film wraps it up in depth.The film’s dialogue could have been better.

“The most powerful aspect of The Conversion movie is the performance of the actress who plays the heroine. I don’t know what movies actress Vindhya Tiwari has done before. But Baap Re Baap, what acting ability is in this actress. She has played many difficult expressions on the same character with great skill. Vindhya Tiwari has put on a powerful portrayal of a heroine who has to endure unbearable atrocities and pain for fearless arrogance. To be honest, the initial entrance of the heroine is not that impressive, but As the movie progresses, she is seen performing many complex expressions such as makeup, pity, fear, deception, rage, and rage with great ease.Many scenes in the movie are very moving.What I find most moving is the scene where the actress, who is a witness in the film, is forced to change her name around the time of Nikah.The depth with which Vindhya portrays involuntary deception ary that happened to him only through her eyes is a testament to her acting prowess. Halala’s despicable cruelty is disturbing.

“The director is to be commended that during this time he avoided the greed of showing sex like ordinary Mumbaiya movies. You don’t feel uncomfortable watching a movie with your little daughter. Prateek Shukla has also acted strongly in the role of Bablu Sheikh. In In short, a powerful film on a sensitive subject: Conversion. The subject is controversial as well as pertinent. There must also be politics in the film. Director Vinod Tiwari had initially said that his film was hanging on the censor board for months. Yes looks, religion, politics, controversies and women’s discussions, all these together tell the story of its box office success from now on.

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