The Crash Course web series, which is putting Kota’s factory back in bad shape!

As a fiction, Prime Video’s new web series can be said to engage in a crash course. But this has been done by exploiting noble causes like education. And this is the loss of values. What content remains on the web? Maybe none. There is romance. it is eroticism. Nudity is. Abusive language. The drugs are. Pregnancy with abortion is illegal. Gang is. It’s blackmail. it’s cheating change. There is blood. It’s suicide. There is money and there is power with money and at the center of everything is youth. So, in such a situation, what will the children study for that also from IIT? And who will teach? Those whose masters themselves are evildoers! And it’s all a sham with a lengthy disclaimer at the end of which Amazon Prime Video has impressed: ‘Amazon Prime Video does not endorse the views and opinions expressed in this series. The subject of this series can be delicate. The question is, why did the creators develop the Kota story, which is a training center in TVF’s brilliant and objective web series ‘Kota Factory’? Whereas the whole team, my producer, right, director, they’re all amazing creators and they’re able to put all the formulas together in an artistic way to make any story so strong that viewers would choke on ten episodes.

There are many reasons that suggest parents should not watch the new Crash Course on Kota web series.

If fiction had been created, he would have completed his creation with the fictional city. Certainly reality to the point where every house in Kota has been turned into a hostel. There are rivalries of the technical institute. Power transfer occurs. The applicants are dogs. The environment has also opened up, the feeling of not being successful or not being successful has also broken the applicants, for which if seen, the discourse of today’s parents is responsible. And as a result, headlines of students committing suicide have also become headlines.

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Still the circumstances do not change. Every year, thousands of students from all over the country come down to Kota Station. Of which, about 15 percent of students see their IIT dream shattered and their families bear the brunt. But under the guise of creativity, without certification, how is it justified to tear out the brochure on behalf of the city of Kota and be of any use?

In a creation inspired by real events, the name and location of the creators change everything. A vivid example of this is another web series ‘Rangbaaz 3’ of a total of six episodes, which city is ‘Dhiwan’, what is the need to say? If you really have creative freedom, so be it! Freedom is also taken logically, it is not an exaggeration that if it is a crime novel, then it tempers all the spices!

The creators of ‘Rangbaaz’ also took precautions by opening every certified dark page of Bihar politics and changed the names of characters, places, etc., and the ‘Crash Course’ team created many untested characters in Kota city no proof. Why was the name of the city of Kota prolonged? When the education system becomes a business, cities change. The theme is perfect, but here the creators have taken advantage of the theme for their tricks.

And the interesting thing is that the business continues. Since season 2 will also bring. Although coach factories have started across the country, evils have also flourished, the coach mafia is also mentioned. But what the web series shows is a flight of imagination from the warped thinking of the production team. While top-tier series like ‘Kota Factory’ evoked the sympathy of the city, ‘Crash Course’ turned Kota into the city, the city-related things like doria saris, asafoetida kachori, etc.

It is true that there have been changes, but the web has left no stone unturned for the changes to be marketable. Is this a threat to parents? What parents would like to send their sons and daughters to the infamous city of Kota from the web series? Speaking of the seventies, I would like to share a personal incident. Then coeducation began, that is, coeducation. I studied at the prestigious St. Xavier’s College in Kolkata, where the faculties of Arts and Sciences were co-educational but not trade due to the veto of then head Father Joris.

They used to say: ‘If it had been co-ed, there should be a maternity home nearby!’ Although today the faculty of commerce is also teaching, these events were only waiting for Father Joris to leave. Today’s students are generally mature, but there were exceptions then, they are today, and they always will be. The previous training classes were run by good teachers who really wanted to help the kids.

Now the businessmen are present to give coaching classes, there is a professional team that does everything corporately, even the marketing of the toppers in the studios is also dedicated to concentration with drums. Unbearable pressure of studies, acquiring knowledge of the maximum subjects in the shortest possible time and still not being able to pass the exam or reach the destination, then either start taking drugs or commit suicide; There is no math so simple from Kota!

But the exceptions cannot be generalized. And Crash Course has committed the same crime in the name of creative freedom, if it was probably a distorted imagination, they would have shown a ‘living in relationship’ type of educational system. They create fictional dramas wearing a cloak of creativity in exceptions because they have freedom of expression. Who could resist. But Kota would have spared the city.

Even if it is true to some extent, TVF’s ‘Kota Factory’ web series did well and almost no IIT hopeful would have missed it. Even all the parents must have seen and consequently alerted their little ones. From a creative point of view, the web series is perfect in the parameters of OTT culture. It’s disgusting. There’s appeal and there’s also a binge watch.

But once again, since there can be no legal warning. So you can fulfill a wish. To the parents of all those IITs and aspiring doctors who don’t watch this web series and even watch it by mistake, just ignore it because if “Suraj ne ek din niye, ja nahi utta dharti par…” you can’t Then even the Rajasthan city Kota town is not such a notorious hangout.

Whatever the actors, acting is their business, so they’ve done well! There is also AK sir like Jeetu Bhaiya in the web series but the connection of the wannabes is less. The music is excellent, especially the background music, the cinematography is also excellent. Some poetic lines will be sung for a long time: the black umbrella of the sky, the stars are all holes. Some are Tim Tim, some are broken and there are so many differences. broken dream. Broken dreams. Broken bed is a sadhu or a demon but both are brothers!

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