The departure of the singer KK is not tolerated or the cause of death.

In the case of the death of famous Bollywood singer KK (Krishnakumar Kunnath), the police have registered a case of unnatural death. Because injury marks have been found on Singer KK’s forehead and lips. The police are investigating from all angles into KK’s death. However, doctors have said that KK’s cause of death was a heart attack. At the same time, Trinamool Congress and BJP have also come face to face with the chaos and disorder that took place during the KK concert. And, this controversy is only increasing. The situation will become clear only after the autopsy report on the cause of death. But, the suspense has risen regarding the death of singer KK. Let us know what has happened in the case so far…

A large number of KK fans had gathered outside the auditorium hoping to see him.

What happened at the concert?

– Bollywood singer KK had a concert on May 31 at Vivekananda College Auditorium, Kolkata. KK College was performing among the students and fans in the auditorium called Nazrul Manch. The auditorium was packed with people. It is said that the auditorium had a capacity of 2,500 people. But, more people had entered the hall than this. While the pass was the only way to enter the concert.

During the show itself, KK complained to the organizers about the heat in the auditorium. It is said that the air conditioning in the auditorium was bad. In the video that went viral on social media, KK can be seen wiping off sweat. In this video, KK is also seen complaining that the air conditioner is not working.

During the concert, the chaos had reached its peak. In fact, a large number of KK fans had gathered outside the auditorium hoping to see him. Many of these people did not have the necessary ‘pass’ to be present there. The view inside the auditorium was the same as outside. More people had entered the auditorium than the capacity. Not only this, many people also insisted on forcing their way into the auditorium without a pass.

According to the India Today report, a fan who attended the concert said that there was about double the capacity of 2,500-3,000 people in the auditorium. At the same time, the crowd was so great that even possession of the auditorium doors was uprooted. Because the crowd was trying to force their way into the auditorium. The crowd can also be gauged by the fact that railings installed outside have also been found broken. Various media reports said a fire extinguisher was also used to disperse the crowd outside the auditorium.

Due to the large crowd and the heat present in the auditorium, KK’s health deteriorated during the performance itself. In many videos that are going viral on social media, singer KK is shown being hurriedly taken away after the performance. It is said that KK had complained of chest pain while he was performing. KK’s health had worsened after arriving at the hotel. After which he was taken to the hospital. Where the doctors pronounced KK dead.

Who is responsible for the death of KK?

A user has claimed on social networks that the air conditioning did not work during the concert. And, the hall was packed with more people than capacity. The user has raised the question what were the organizers doing? Along with this, the social media user has also claimed that the organizer of this concert was Trinamool Congress Chhatra Parishad. And, your state president was present there. Not only this, there was no doctor arrangement for emergencies.

Media reports have claimed that KK has also sustained head and lip injuries. However, it is said that upon arrival at the hotel, she KK she had fallen due to her deteriorating health. But, the whole situation will become clear only after the post-mortem report.

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