The dilemma of post-retirement life that will both bore and excite!

Rishi Kapoor’s latest film on the way. Paresh Rawal’s shoulder is responsible for the remaining light camera action as death called the herd before completing its part. Hearing the name, Sharma ji’s character in the movie should focus on a concept like “Ninhe Namkeen” from Nukkad, “Tiwari Ke Samosa” from Crossroads. Whatever it is. not too much. The film begins with Sharma ji’s retirement announcement. Life after 60 in which the wife is not involved. Between happiness and sadness, listening listening, deciding to fight, and the alternative arrangement of two sons growing young, Sharma ji dedicates herself to a harrowing life after retirement. Life, in which ‘now that I have time to go, I will rest’. It seems exciting at first. Later he becomes boring, then tedious, and finally boring. But Sharma ji remained a belligerent man.

Even if some parts are boring, you can watch Rishi Kapoor’s latest movie Sharma Ji Namkeen.

It is said when Amitabh Bachchan does not retire at the age of 75. So am I left to just pay the electric and cable bills? The film means a serious problem by not being serious. The difficulties of life after retirement. Change the attitude of the son for that of the father. Convince their own children to do the work of the mind. That is, not only women, but inclined parents also have to look at someone’s face.

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Now the son catches the father with the phrase ‘what will people say’. Ever since Paresh Rawal played the remaining role of Rishi Kapoor in the film, both actors keep going back and forth. It’s like Rishi walking in the door and Paresh walking out. The transformation of the bar is a bit disturbed.

Ranveer Singh has already given a disclaimer in favor of this experiment, also known as compulsion, which happened for the first time in the history of the film industry. That is why he also remains mentally prepared.

Paresh Rawal has tried to fill the void left by Rishi. Which is fine, but Rishi Kapoor is more convincing, attractive, more irritating, innocent and cute in his shaved cheeks. The audience can also get excited about the latest movie.

It is the impoverishment of Bollywood that these days despite the good theme, the film is being treated very superficially. Whether it’s ‘Badhaai Lo’ about same-sex relationships or ‘Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui’ about transgender people, now through this film one should try to show the complications, abandonment, expectations and desires of transgender people. life after retirement.

There is a scene where the father’s kitchen secret is revealed at the kittens’ party. The son now questions like a father and asks questions, and the father, stuttering like a son, seeks answers.

This scene is the basis of the entire movie. In which detail, pause and more depth were needed. But other than Rishi Kapoor’s expression throughout the scene, nothing is strong. Good start, but the film veers towards the end. The director was in a hurry to pack. Rishi’s absence completely weakens the film.

Juhi Chawla is also doing well. Remembered from Juhi, why go to the Hindi cinema? In each theme, the hero finds the possibility of the heroine and the love that can happen between them. Even if he isn’t, he reassures the audience of possibility. When will Bollywood free itself from this practice? Allah knows. Currently, the film can be seen for the last time only for Rishi Kapoor.

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