The Empire review and Babar debate, IMDb’s rating was bound to be embarrassing.

The Disney Plus Hotstar web show “The Empire” remains a talking point, starring Shabana Azmi, Dino Morea, Kunal Kapoor, and Drashti Dhami. The show will air from August 27. Due to the historical content, the debate about the show continues even before the broadcast. It goes without saying that because of the show, all references to medieval history related to the Mughal Empire are still relevant right now and perhaps because of these episodes, The Empire is also emerging as the most headline movie or TV show in 2021. Especially in the Hindi region. Even this year good and great movies like Mimi, Lioness, Bell Bottom, Haseen Dilruba were released. But all this discussion was not heard to be seen.

Besides Hindi, The Empire has also been dubbed into other Indian languages. When there is so much talk on a show, it must be assumed that it will also be seen on a grand scale. Almost all episodes. Although the official figures are not yet available. But it is not difficult to guess. Because the audience watching the series is seen sharing many references and screenshots of different episodes of the show in social media discussions. But another interesting aspect of this is also coming to light. Despite the heated debate, The Empire’s rating on the prestigious online rating review platform IMDb remains very low. Audience reviews are worse than ratings. While until the writing of the report, more than 11 thousand registered users have been involved in the online platform.

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The scene of the Empire. Image courtesy of IMDb / Disney Plus Hotstar.

What is The Empire’s rating on IMDb?

The Empire has been rated only 3.5 out of 10 by 11,000 registered users on the online platform. Obviously, the rating can be considered below average. Controversial references to the story may be correct or incorrect instead. But given the fictional history that Disney has built the show on, it can’t be said that The Empire is really your average show in terms of entertainment. Many things on the show are amazing. They cannot be ignored. Despite that, there are no big stars on Starcast. The audience is never bored until the end. The show has enough potential elements to engage audiences of all moods. However, the IMDb rating is disappointing.

the-empire_083121100653.jpgThe Empire’s rating on IMDb is below average.

What’s the reason for The Empire’s poor ratings?

The main reason for this is the ongoing discussions about the program. The show deals with Mughals accused of vandalism, invaders, proselytism and vandalism in places of worship of other religions. These things are being cited in debates. Naturally, reactions to The Empire on different internet platforms can be seen as affected by this. IMDb is no different either. Actually, it is happening that because of the history of the Mughals, people are not paying attention to many features of the show. These reactions can also be called biased.

What do people write in the audience review?

There are over 800 audience reviews of The Empire on IMDb. If you read them, then there are widespread negative reactions. What people are writing: false presentation of history, old Bollywood propaganda, false history, false show, beyond glorifying facts and massacres, waste of time and money. Some have even dubbed it copy-pasting Hollywood content. That’s the tone of most of the 800 reviews, which are too negative.

the-empire-imdb-2_083121100559.jpgMany reviews from the audience are coming to IMDb in this way.

Should poor ratings mean the show isn’t entertaining?

The effectiveness or entertainment of any show on IMDb or any platform cannot be judged solely by the ratings found there. Evaluators can be influenced by many things besides content. The rating aspects and entertaining content are different. Maybe some content is very good and entertaining, but it gets low or very low marks. Because other things affect you. They influence politics and social debates. Audience affected by things other than content is driven by biased ratings. When it comes to The Empire’s ratings, the show is getting criticized in a big way. There was also a campaign against Disney. The kind of debates that started before airing the Disney show made The Empire’s ratings average.

The Empire has been created by Nikhil Advani. It is directed by Mitakshara Kumar. The show is based on the book by Alex Rutherford. The first season that focuses on Babur, the founder of the Mughal Empire, has just arrived. The creators plan is to show the history of important Mughal emperors from Babur to Aurangzeb. The hook point of Humayun’s reign has been left in the first season. After Babur, Humayun sat on the throne of the Mughalia Sultanate.

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