The Empire Review: Babar was good or bad, if you don’t want to think about it, check out this web series

If you have seen the American TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ broadcast on the HBO TV channel, then after watching the web series ‘The Empire’ released on Disney Plus Hotstar, you will remember it. Just as ‘Game of Thrones’ has shown the struggle for power and the throne, similarly ‘The Empire’ will also see politics, action, drama, love, sex, deception and family quarrels. ‘The Empire’ is based on the novel series ‘Empire of the Muggle’ by author Alex Rutherford.

Kunal Kapoor, Rahul Dev, Drishti Dhami, Shabana Azmi, Dino Morea, Imad Shah and Aditya Seal have major roles in the web series ‘The Empire’ released on the OTT Disney Plus Hotstar platform. The script is written by Bhavani Iyer and Mitakshara, while it is directed by Mitakshara Kumar, who co-directed the Sanjay Leela Bhansali films ‘Padmavat’ and ‘Bajirao Mastani’. This is the reason why the shadow of Sanjay Leela Bhansali is seen in ‘The Empire’. The grandeur of the scenery, costume design and music are reminiscent of Barbas Bhansali. Many scenes and characters have even been shown in it, seeing how many characters from the movie ‘Padmavat’ and ‘Bajirao Mastani’ will be visible in front of your eyes.

In ‘The Empire’, the story of the Mughal ruler Zahiruddin-Mohammed-Babur from childhood to his youth.

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The web series ‘The Empire’ is the story of Babur becoming the Mughal Emperor, which includes imagination. It is one of the few films in which an attempt has been made to establish and show a fictional world with real characters. The names of all the characters are real. The periods have even been said to be real, but still the creators claim that the filmmaking liberty has been taken to do so, so it shouldn’t be called a historical web series. The story of the web series is based on ‘Riders from the North’, the first episode of the ‘Empire of the Muggle’ series, a series of six historical novels by author Alex Rutherford. It begins with the First Battle of Panipat in April 1526, where Zaheeruddin-Muhammad-Babur, who has almost laid down his arms in the field, remembers the journey of a lifetime. Where did you go and where did you come from?

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The story comes in a flashback about 30 years ago at Fort Fergana, where Babar’s childhood was spent. There he lived with his entire family. But his father dies in a natural accident. After this, there is no rebellion in the princely state, so his maternal grandmother Esan Daulat Begum (Shabana Azmi) makes him sit on the throne of Fargana. Babar was only 14 years old at the time, but by then he would have become an expert in sword fighting. Meanwhile, news arrives that Shabani Khan (Dino Morea), the enemy of the princely state of Fergana, is setting his eyes on the Samarkand fort after capturing it. Preparing your army to get there. After hearing this, Babar and the bailiff are distracted, because there is a feared enemy like Shaibani Khan at the forefront. But Babur does not give up.

Babur orders his general to attack Shaibani Khan before attacking him. Attack the fort of Samarkand with your army. On the other hand, Shaibani has traveled to Fargana by making one of his generals the ruler of Samarkand. Here Babur captures there with the help of the daughter of the ruler of Samarkand. Shaibani arrives in Fargana and takes possession of the entire princely state, including the Babur family. On this, Babur proposes that if he is allowed to leave the fort together with his family and supporters, he will leave forever. Shaibani agrees, but on the condition that Babur leaves her beautiful sister Khanzada (Drishti Dhami) there with her. Babar has to bet on Khanzada’s stubbornness and save his family even if he doesn’t want to.

Babur couldn’t bear the pain of being separated from his sister. He tries to make his pain wrong by drowning in the lap of drugs, but seeing his condition, Nani Esaan Daulat Begum explains. Show him new ways. After this, Babur once again attacked Samarkand with the help of the ruler of Persia, winning the small princely states around. There, Shaibani spends everything after getting caught up in the tricks of her sister Khanzada. In this way, Babur regains possession of Samarkand. But in the meantime, a letter from the ruler of Persia creates panic. According to him, Babur should rule there as the representative of the ruler of Persia, not the emperor, there is such an order. After this, you should watch the web series to find out how Babar came to the soil of India.

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Writer Bhavani Iyer has brilliantly adapted Alex Rutherford’s novel based on Babur’s life into a great script. Which takes the web series The Empire above a costume drama. This isn’t the first time someone has tried to replicate the Mughal story on screen on a big budget. But with the exception of the Sanjay Leela Bhansali films, most of the Mughlai cinema is still just a costume drama. This is where Bhavani Iyer’s contribution as a writer is highest. In their history, only the human side of those people has been shown, who lead a normal life. None of them are barbaric, nor do they all speak loudly constantly. Not only this, giving equal attention and importance to each character, has justified their presence.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this web series has been prepared by Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s B team. Because from director to songwriter-singer, he has worked in the Bhansali team. Therefore, it is imperative to see the shadow of Bhansali in him. Director Mitakshara Kumar has been associate director on Bhansali films, along with writer Bhavani Iyer she has also written ‘Black’ and ‘Guzaarish’ films with Bhansali. Even the dialogue and lyrics writer AM Turaj and the songwriter and singer Shail Hada have worked with Bhansali for a long time. This is Mitakshara Kumar’s first major project of its kind, on which he has done an incredible job. As a director, the meticulous attention he has given to the actors, their characters and even the costumes, it seems that his filmmaking practice with Bhansali has been a success.

Through the web series ‘The Empire’, famous movie actor ‘Rang De Basanti’ Kunal Kapoor and television actress Drishti Dhami have made their digital debut. Kunal is in the character of Babar, the hero of this web series. It takes him a while to get into character, but once he’s in the mood, he calms down. Drishti Dhami has also played the role of Khanzada, Babar’s sister. The innocence in his face but the determination he sees in his performance will take him a long way. She is way ahead of the characters in the TV series Mother-in-law, she has proven her acting skills in this web series. Dino Morea does the most amazing job on this. It is wreaking havoc on the character of Shaibani Khan. Seeing it is reminiscent of Khilji from the Bhansali movie ‘Padmavat’. Your hard work is commendable.

Shabana Azmi’s meticulous acting and dialogue are effective. Even at this age stage, she has been able to surprise her acting fans. Rahul Dev has emerged in the role of Wazir Khan. He falls in love with his character so much that after his death, there is desertion. This is the second screen appearance of Sahar Bamba, who made her acting debut with the film ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’. Sahar is beautiful in the role of Babar’s wife, Meham Begum. Imad Shah, the character of Babar’s childhood friend Qasim Ali, has done his job well, but his character in the story doesn’t seem justified. On the technical side, the film has the strongest art direction, which has been well interpreted. Nigam Bomjan’s cinematography adds to the web series. In general, if you watch the web series ‘The Empire’ with the desire to see great cinema rather than the curiosity to know the history, then you will enjoy it very much. The web series has the ability to keep the audience engaged from the first to the last episode. In this, along with the strong acting of the actors, one gets to see excellent direction. Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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