The Empire review: Disney Plus Hotstar targeted by Babar’s ‘Mahimamandan’!

Disney Plus Hotstar seems to be caught up in controversies on social media. In fact, one group has shown tremendous discontent on social media over Disney’s exclusive web series The Empire on the Mughals story. Users allege that Mughals are being glorified through web series. The first season of The Empire is airing, the story of which is based on Babur, who founded the Mughal Empire in India. It represents the story of arriving in India from Afghanistan, defeating Ibrahim Lodi, and creating a sultanate in Delhi. Recently, Manoj Muntashir had called the Mughals “thieves” and later the famous director Kabir Khan in an interview called the Mughals as the nation builders of India. There was a lot of debate on social networks, especially on Twitter, regarding the statements of both.

In fact, for the past three days, there has been a heated debate about the Mughals. But the debate escalated when a short video of The Empire was shared on Disney’s official ID and the show’s broadcast was reported. After the tweet, a campaign began to boycott and uninstall the Disney Hotstar app. Some users have even called the attempt to glorify the Mughal invaders directly at Disney as shameful. There is a flood of reactions on different trends. Various hashtags like # TheEmpireStreamingNow # UninstallHotstar #ISupportManojMuntashir and #Babar are on the top trend. On Twitter, users also share screenshots when uninstalling and removing the app. Many BJP leaders are also among those who protested. Haryana BJP’s IT cell manager Arun Yadav also appealed in a tweet to uninstall and boycott the Hotstar app.

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You can read some of the reactions that come in protest below: –

In the current political situation, foreign invaders, especially the political history of the Mughals, are the target of a section. In recent years, it has been seen that producers have not shown interest in touching such sensitive subjects in Bollywood. There was also news that in the Karan Johar chart that was made on a part of Mughalia’s history, investors had pulled out due to the issue. Some OTT platforms were also included among the investors. The reason is the current political environment in the country. It was feared that people would dismiss those stories. Due to the budget and the attitude of the investors, Karan Johar has to retire from the throne for the time being. This thing came out only a few weeks ago. In today’s circumstances, streaming Disney with “The Empire” is a bold move. The series has been created by Nikhil Advani for Disney Plus Hotstar. It is directed by Meetakshara Kumar. The history of the Mughal Empire from Babur to Aurangzeb is shown in the series of historical periods.

Is Babur glorified in The Empire?

The Empire is based on the book “The Empire of the Mughals” by Alex Rutherford. The book discusses in detail about Babur’s childhood up to his youth and his entry into India, the establishment of the Mughal Empire. After Babur, the tales of Aurangzeb are in the book. Since the series is based on the book, and the protagonist of the book is a Mughal. Naturally, Babar appears as a hero in the story of leaving Afghanistan and creating an empire in the opposite condition. This is also a historical fact. Bravery, leadership ability, fighting skills, etc. are praised. of Babar. In the medieval period, Babur laid the foundations for such a sultanate, which later ruled most of the country for a longer time until the arrival of the British. In the political system of that period, the way the warriors were involved in mutual looting, fighting, and oppression, Babur did the same as well. But it is also a fact that Babur was an attacker and to build an empire he fought terrible battles. He is also accused of converting with the help of the sword, destroying Hindu temples and historical places. In the story, these things are accused of deliberately not paying attention. Today, these reasons are important behind the opposition of Mughals and Babur.

The Empire is the story of becoming an empire. The warrior Babur is the hero of the story. Naturally, there is a saga of his accomplishments in this. The hero of the story is Babur or Mughal. And this is why those who oppose the Mughals on historical grounds are seeing the glorification of the Mughals in The Empire. Kunal Kapoor played the role of Babar in The Empire. Shabana Azmi is in the role of Daulat Begum. Daulat Begum monitors Babur in some way. Drashti Dhami has played the role of Babur’s sister. Rahul Dev is in the role of Wazir Khan. Dino Morea plays the role of Mohammad Shaybani. In fact, Mohammed Shaybani is the villain from the first season of The Empire who appears to be a conspirator, oppressor and savage against the hero Babar.

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