The Empire: Who won the battle between Kunal Kapoor and Dino Morea?

Disney Plus show Hotstar The Empire based on the Mughal Empire is making headlines. Babur’s story is shown in the first season. The debate on historical facts is another topic. But it’s important to know that the Mughal Sultanate-based Disney show is based on a fictional book written incorporating the context of the story. And the Mughals come out as a hero in this. The first season is under discussion not only because of the topic, but the work of the artists is also attracting people’s attention. Especially the performances of Kunal Kapoor, Shabana Azmi, Dino Morea and Drishti Dhami. Kunal and Dino are in two important characters. Both are also being compared.

Naturally, the most important character in the first season is Babar. Although Babar of The Empire looks quite different from the history books and Baburnama. And the reason for this is the fictional things in the book from which the story was inspired. In Alex Rutherford’s fiction about Babur, Babur looks completely different from the established looks. There are two ways of doing this. On the one hand, he is a brave and skilled warrior in the tradition of Timur-Genghis, who shed blood in wars and plundered city after city for the cause. Second, there is a human being in it. The human being is sentimental, kind and with a poetic temperament. He loves his family very much and can do everything possible for him. It goes without saying that the characteristics of two different poles in a human make it complex.

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Babur’s character in The Empire is actually the most complex. It has many layers. Kunal is to be commended for playing him well. The form of Babar in the Disney series, Kunal fits his rhythm perfectly. He has experienced the struggle of two different states of mind very well. When Khanzada lives in the captivity of Shaybani, the feelings of a desperate man and a family man within Babur are at their peak. Knowing the truth of the father’s death, Babar’s emotional form comes with a different tone. Whereas Babur appears in a different form on the battlefield. commit murder. Of course, Badshah Babar and the “nomad” Babur were two different situations, which Kunal has faithfully done.

The protagonist of the series is Kunal Kapoor, but there is a lot of discussion about Dino Morea. Photo credit: Disney Plus Hotstar.

Babur’s main rival and villain in The Empire is Shaybani. Shaybani is actually a tough, wild and feared Uzbek fighter from the Genghis and Timur tradition. The character of Shaybani is played by Dino Morea, who cannot be called as complicated as Babur or Khanzada. Dino Morea is to be commended for keeping the monochrome paper interesting until the very end. In many frames, it has looked terrifying. Some of his close-up shots have been excellent. The sequence of walking after crowning Babur’s half-brother is scary. When Shaybani meets Babar’s family for the first time, he still seems ruthless. There are many such terrifying paintings in The Empire where Dino Morea seems to be at the height of insanity. The effect of this was that despite being Kunal’s hero in the role of Babur, Dino wins. In those frames where both Kunal and Dino are together, the difference is clearly visible. Somewhere, Kunal looks weak in front of him.

When the Dino Morea act ends in season one, they miss him. Although some people accuse Dino Morea of ​​copying Ranveer Singh, who played the role of Khilji in Padmavat. Although the comparison is natural in terms of the same tone, almost the same role, but the hard work of Dino Morea can not be underestimated. Dino Morea really surprises in the role of Shaybani. The actor has done many movies so far, but the role of Shaybani can be considered his best character.

Aside from Babar, the Empire’s most complex and multi-layered second characters are seen in Khanzada and his servant in the harem. Drishti Dhami has played the role of Khanzada. While Ayam Mehta made his servant. Shabana Azmi has done a wonderful job. Rahul Dev and other actors have also tried very hard. The cast and performance side of The Empire is really worth seeing.

The Empire has been created by Nikhil Advani. It is directed by Mitakshara Kumar. The script is by Bhavani Iyer. The show will air on Disney Plus Hotstar from August 27. There are 8 episodes in the first season. There is a preparation to show the story of Babur to Aurangzeb in The Empire. The story of the first season has been shown from Babur’s childhood to the founding of the Mughal Sultanate in India and the announcement of Humayun’s succession.

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