The entire film industry should be proud of this honor given to SS Rajamouli!

Veteran filmmaker SS Rajamouli, who introduced the country to big cinema by making films like ‘Bahubali’, is causing a worldwide sensation through his film ‘RRR’. This film, which created many new earnings records in India, is making huge grosses in Japan, on the other hand, due to this, from the director to the actor are being honored all over the world. In this episode, the director of the film SS Rajamouli has achieved a new achievement, which the entire country should be proud of. Yes, Rajamouli has been awarded the Best Director Award at the New York Film Critics Circle. This is considered to be the prestigious world film award, which has been given to Rajamouli for making a film like ‘RRR’. Not only this, during the award ceremony, Rajamouli was also invited by a Hollywood actor to come to Hollywood and do movies.

The award given to SS Rajamouli is also special in this sense, because the names of many great Hollywood directors are included in the list of those who want to get it. The category in which Rajamouli has received the Best Director Award includes the names of famous Hollywood directors Steven Spielberg, Darren Aronofsky, Sarah Polley and Gina Prince-Bythewood. Among these, Steven Spielberg is known for producing the best movie like Jurassic Park. This year his film ‘The Fablemans’ was released. In such a situation, it can be understood that Rajamouli had to go through what tests for this International Award. Along with this, the chances of the film ‘RRR’ to win the Oscar award are also increasing. This film has been submitted for nomination in 14 categories at the Oscars. In this regard, now the campaign has also started on a large scale.

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Veteran filmmaker SS Rajamouli is causing a worldwide sensation with his film ‘RRR’.

Every parent is happier with the achievements of the child. In such a situation, Rajamouli’s father Vijayendra Prasad also looks very happy. He said, “As a father, I am very happy. But as a film technician, I want our young and talented film technicians to raise their game and continue to bring those moments that make the country proud.” Also, about not sending RRR to the official Oscars, he said: “‘Yes, I was disappointed, but unfortunately I can’t express my disappointment as I was shocked by the verdict which was not expected. I hope to get at least a few nominations at the awards. Oscar.” Vijayendra Prasad has written the story of the RRR movie. Now he has started working on its second part. He said, “We are thinking of making RRR 2. My son wants me to write the sequel.

Be it ‘RRR’ or ‘Bahubali’, the biggest credit for the stupendous success of these movies goes to SS Rajamouli. Rajamouli, who changed the condition and direction of Indian cinema by delivering great movies like ‘Bahubali’, is known for ensuring hit movies. Rajamouli is one of those directors in whose films the actor also becomes a superstar. But Rajamouli has not reached this point in a single day. Behind this success of his are his years of harsh penance. He has far-reaching thinking. When the film ‘Bahubali’ was being produced, at that time he imprisoned himself and the entire crew of the film for five years. Shooting went on continuously for about 380 days, which is twice the days it takes to make any major Hollywood movie. Such dedication to a movie has not been seen from any director.

The result of Rajamouli’s thought and dedication is that his films create history. She makes new records at the box office. Otherwise, it takes courage to bet 550 crores on a director’s reputation. But the bettor also knows that he will get back every penny invested in his movie. The benefit that he will come after this will surprise everyone. Take the movie ‘RRR’ for example. This movie has earned more than double its cost. The worldwide gross of the film is 1100 crores. Other than this, the movie is winning indiscriminately in Japan. In Japan it has been released on 209 screens and 31 IMAX screens. There, the revenue figure has currently exceeded Rs 20 crore. The film is estimated to earn Rs 30-40 crore.

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