The fight of the Bhojpuri stars at the Nitish court became more political than cinematic!

The fight between Pawan Singh and Khesari Lal Yadav is taking on interesting colors. Khesari, who is trying to register a case against the man who threatened to rape his wife and daughter, is pleading with the Nitish government for justice. She says that a conspiracy is being hatched against him as Sushant Singh Rajput. FIR is not being registered in the complaint of him. On the other hand, Pawan has also targeted Khesari without naming him. Labeling Bihar CM Nitish Kumar on social media has demanded that action be taken against those who spread caste poison in the Bhojpuri film industry. He is clearly referring to Khesari, who has been accused of working for a particular caste. In this way, the ego battle of both artists is now also painted in political colour. As it is well known that Pawan is a BJP worker, Khesari is a supporter of Lalu Prasad Yadav and close to Pappu Yadav. Given that there is a BJP-backed government in Bihar, it is not surprising that no action has been taken against Pawan or any of his supporters.

The fight between Pawan Singh and Khesari Lal Yadav is now taking on a political color.

Khesari Lal Yadav continually pleads with the Bihar government and Bihar police through social media, but no case against YouTuber Gautam Singh, who threatened his family, has been registered so far and no action has been taken. Khesari has written on Facebook and Twitter: “Over the past few days my mind is disturbed and it disturbs me to see how one person can openly threaten someone’s wife and children. You received a lot of support throughout this fight, which gave me the courage to move on. I hope that disgusting person is soon behind bars. God bless his family.” Earlier he had written, “Today Bihar Police are doing the same thing to me that happened to brother Sushant Singh Rajput some time ago. This is the same group who made a complete drama by presenting FIR with their mind, from which they got o they will get political benefits. Today I am being persecuted in every way, FIR is not even registered.” Both Khesari’s restlessness and despair are visible in these words.

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Khesari Lal Yadav is trying to make people aware of the seriousness of his case by taking the name of the late film actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The Sushant Singh Rajput episode also took on a political cast. With this issue, the ruling Shiv Sena in Maharashtra and the BJP sitting in opposition had come face to face. It seemed that both parties were directing the entire operation. The fight between these two eventually shifted from Maharashtra to Bihar and because of this, BJP and JDU also gained a political advantage in the assembly elections. This fight of both actors from Bhojpuri cinema has also been painted in political color. Knowledge of the caste and religion of politics is available free of charge. Anyway, caste politics is done fiercely in our country. Pawan Singh is a Rajput by caste, a BJP worker, his party has a government in Bihar, so it is obvious that the support of power will be with him. On the other hand, Khesari is an Ahir by caste, his bias has always been towards Lalu and Pappu Yadav. Both political parties are against the government out of power in Bihar.

To give this matter a new spin in a new direction, Pawan Singh has given a new statement. Pawan, who faces the charge of making caste politics, is now talking to the Bihar government to take legal action against those sowing caste poison in the Bhojpuri film industry. He has written on social media: “Bhojpuri has great importance in the civilizational culture of Bihar. Now, the way the poison of castism is spread through songs and music, must be curbed, otherwise the prestige of Bihar can’t be saved either religiously or socially or politically so that caste frenzy doesn’t spread in Bihar because of some Bhojpuri artists you are like the soul of our Bihar so You are requested in regards to bringing such a law in Bihar as soon as possible through cabinet, so that Bhojpuri language dignity and existence of Bihar can be saved.” With his post, Pawan has also tagged the Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar, although neither of them have received the answer.

If they see each other, both Bhojpuri actors have come to the Nitish court. But the big question arises whether Nitish Kumar himself will take any initiative in this matter or hand the matter over to the Bihar police. Or will we remain silent on this as on other matters? Or will both artists be called and explained and end this feud forever? Look, so far no action has been taken in this matter, it is clear that the Bihar government or the police do not want to take any action. He has left it to Pawan and Khesari. Otherwise, the police should have taken strict action immediately in a case like openly abusing someone on social media and threatening to rape them. As seen in UP, Delhi and Punjab. How active the social media cell is here, its hallmark has been seen in Delhi today. BJP leader Tajinder Bagga was arrested by Punjab police for threatening Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on Twitter, though he was later released.

Tajinder Bagga’s arrest is enough to say that if he openly threatens someone on the road or on social media, action can be taken against him, but even after a week has passed, Khesari Lal’s wife and daughter Yadav have been arrested. It is amazing that no action has been taken against the person who threatened to rape her. If the same threat had been made against the family of any Bihar government minister or leader, would the police have remained so calm? I do not think so at all. In this case, the Bihar police should take strong action and send a strong message that threatening to rape is just as egregious as rape. The punishment in this case should also be under the violation sections. We reported that a few days ago, Khesari had written on this matter: “I request Nitish Kumar ji and Bihar Police to take action against this mentally disturbed and poisonous person. Not only abusing but also threatening my wife and daughter with rape. I hope that justice is served and strict measures are taken against such toxic people. Your Khesari.”

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