The government of Jammu and Kashmir says there will be no more authorization for passports and government jobs for stone throwers

Stand out:

  • Instructed by the Special SSP Division of the CID
  • Scrutiny recommendation
  • Do not give permission to those involved in law and order issues.

Srinagar: The government of Jammu and Kashmir has taken steps to curb those who engage in activities that affect the security of the state. Those who get involved in public order problems and throw stones at the military will no longer get clearances for passports and government jobs. The CID wing of Jammu and Kashmir has instructed the police in this regard.

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The recommendation is to ensure that the applicant is not a party to public order issues while conducting the passport verification and issuing the police clearance certificate. The order was issued by the SSP of the Special Branch of the CID.

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The directive also says that the police must examine the evidence, including CCTV images, photographs and videos of the violence. It is suggested that authorization not be granted if the inspection reveals that they are involved in cases affecting the security of the state.

In addition to passport authorization, satisfactory authorization from CID is required to get a government job in Jammu and Kashmir.

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