The ‘India Lockdown’ boycott was a test for Madhur in this Bollywood era, he beats!

All other directors are making movies in Bollywood. But the public enjoys when someone raises the issues and makes a movie calling it light, camera action. The movie breaks records and wins and becomes a hit. Madhur Bhandarkar is one such director. Madhur’s specialty is that when he detects any problem, he treats it in such a way that even a simple thing seems special. But is this treatment always successful? We get the answer when we watch Madhur Bhandarkar’s recently released India Lockdown film based on the lockdown in the Corona virus era. It can be said that ‘India Lockdown’ Boycott was like a test for director Madhur Bhandarkar in this Bollywood era. The exam was held on the scheduled day and the result that has arrived, the public has said that Pappu not only passed but has managed to write history once again. The film takes us back to the time when the lockdown was announced in March 2020 to deal with the challenges of Covid-19 following a government order.

Madhur Bhandarkar seems to succeed in his cause once again through the blockade of India

Please note that the lockdown imposed on the country during the Corona period is an incident that people hardly want to remember today. At that time, whether it is the country’s rich or poor people or the middle class, directly or indirectly they all suffered the brunt of the lockdown. You talk to anyone remembering that moment, hardly anyone will give you a straight answer. Whether it’s the death of loved ones or the loss of people’s jobs, the pay cut is a pain that is still visible in people’s words.

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Then at that time people were left homeless, starved for weeks, walked miles for many days. It is clear that any citizen of the country, everyone has a different story regarding the confinement. Talking about Madhur’s movie India Lock Down, it is also very important to mention that while making this movie, Madhur used his mind instead of his heart. Madhur made this film but not about the disease, the propaganda of it, but he captured the challenges that the ordinary and special people of the country had to face.

Madhur cast 5 different people for his film and showed how each section of society had its own challenges regarding lockdown. Madhur has chosen Mumbai as the theme of the film and brought us face to face with Mehru, Madhav and Phoolmati, Nageshwar Rao and Dev and Palak. Because the film is made keeping in mind the time when the country was about to go into lockdown, so in the film we can see Madhav fighting for daily bread while Mehru who is a prostitute was fraudulently dumped to the business of prostitution. not come to him either.

Nageswara Rao’s problem as Prakash Belavadi is different. His wife is dead. He is alone and his daughter is in Hyderabad she is pregnant and he has to get his daughter to Hyderabad at all costs. But then the lockdown is imposed and chaos ensues.

As we mentioned earlier, the film was made with lockdown in mind and it connects different people, so the question is whether Madhur as a director has been successful in his endeavour. Many questions may arise for which we will have to watch the film. And the interesting thing about the movie is that the movie is being liked by the audience.

The decades-long response on social media is so clear that the film, its content, and Madhur’s treatment of the challenge of confinement have been liked by all audiences. On the other hand, if it is this movie, then the side to be talked about is Prateik Babbar as Madhav and Sai Tamhankar who plays the role of Phoolmati in the movie. As both actors have acted, they have kept the audience hooked.

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