The Kapil Sharma Show broke the boundaries of carelessness, and people kept laughing!

The relationship between Indian cinema and comedy needs no introduction. Johnny Walker, Mehmood, Kishore Kumar, Keshto Mukherjee, Asrani Kader Khan, Tuntun were all the actors that tickled us, then on Daur Badla Air we saw actors like Johnny Lever, Rajpal Yadav, Sanjay Mishra tickling people. Comedy was not limited to the big screen only, if it is mentioned on the small screen, even here actors such as Ashok Saraf, Pankaj Kapoor, Jaspal Bhatti, Rakesh Bedi entertained audiences a lot. Because the entertainment has been improved from time to time, there came a time when comedy was not just a part of any series and the audience saw this complete comedy show, which we know today as The Kapil Sharma Show. The question is, can the show serve its purpose, that is, comedy? The direct answer is no. Kapil’s show is a show where you will find vulgarity and body shame or vulgarity and vulgarity on the show and if nothing is found, it will be comedy.

Actor Kapil Sharma has to understand that whatever he is doing is not comedy at all.

The above things may upset you, you must give your reactions both in pros and cons, but a great truth of the present moment is that in The Kapil Sharma Show, instead of the real comedy, preference is given only to obscenity, carelessness and vulgarity. has been.

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Whether it’s Shimona or Archana Puran Singh, Chandan Prabhakar, Krishna, and Kiku Sharda on the show, you wonder if these people are serving comedy on your plate. This question is also necessary because to make fun of someone, to tell jokes about someone’s height and appearance, hardly any decent person can call abusive language comedy.

At the beginning of this article, we have mentioned many famous faces from television. Remember the popular Hum Paanch Ko series by Ashok Saraf. Ashok was the father of 5 daughters in the series. The nature of the five was different. The five of them used to run things their way and the audience would automatically laugh in their faces. From the beginning to the end of the series, there has rarely been a time when the producers / directors of the series had to resort to obscenity or vulgarity to make the show a success.

Something similar was the case with Pankaj Kapoor’s popular serial Office Office. In the series, the challenges that a common man has to face in government offices as shown by Pankaj, hardly anyone can show them. Hone Ko was a scathing satire on the serial system, but rarely did something happen that hurt the audience’s feelings.

Now after all these things, when we turn to the popular Kapil Sharma show The Kapil Sharma, we find that there are some characters in the name of novelty. Those characters who tell the same worn-out jokes we’ve been hearing for years. Or people who make fun of each other. As a viewer, you should honestly answer this question yourself, would you call the content of The Kapil Sharma Show comedy or the performance of the actors?

At the same time, there is nothing new about the celebrities coming to Kapil’s show in the name of promotion and the kinds of awkward questions Kapil asks them. Sometimes as viewers we feel like this conversation should end now. That is to say, Kapil is seen entertaining himself less and less with his words. Think for yourself, will someone laugh when the situation is like this? Who would use laughter to reduce their stress?

Indeed, it is cause for deep concern that, as an actor, The Kapil Sharma Show broke the boundaries of carelessness, and there were people who continued to laugh. As an actor, Kapil Sharma has to understand that there is a fine difference between comedy and obscenity / vulgarity and that whatever he is doing in the name of entertainment is not comedy in any way.

In the end, we will end our talk by saying that Kapil and his team need to know and understand real comedy before making others laugh. If they understand these things as soon as possible, then very good, otherwise, in today’s time, the audience has no shortage of options.

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