‘The Kashmir Files’, ‘RRR’ and ‘Runway 34’ lagged behind The Conversion’s popularity

The IMDb rating is considered the measure of success, failure, and popularity of a movie or web series. In that sense, the recently released movie ‘The Conversion’ has left behind many mega-budget movies like ‘RRR’, ‘Heropanti 2’, ‘Attack’ and ‘Runway 34’. Not only this, the rating of a famous movie like ‘The Kashmir Files’ is also lower than this. The IMDb rating figures for this movie are amazing, because the rating for a movie made on the theme of love jihad is higher than all these great movies, indicating that the audience’s view of the movie has changed by complete at this time.

The IMDb rating of the movie ‘The Conversion’ is currently 8.7/10. Which is more in all the big movies released in the last month. A total of 1856 people have voted for this film, which premiered in theaters on May 6. The most interesting thing about this is that 1742 people have given 10 out of 10 ratings. That is, after watching the movie, the rating audience has really liked this movie. At the same time, the IMDb rating of Vivek Agnihotri’s movie ‘The Kashmir Files’ is 8.3/10. This movie has been rated by 5 lakh 44 thousand people. Of this, 5 lakh 4 thousand people have given 10 out of 10 ratings. But here you can also see a surprising fact, that is, about 27 thousand people have given the film only 1 rating. This figure shows that a large number of people have also disliked the film.

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Vindhya Tiwari and Prateek Shukla have the leading roles in the film ‘The Conversion’ directed by Vinod Tiwari.

It is another thing that this number is very less compared to the people who like it, but it cannot be ignored either. Similarly, Ramcharan and NTR Jr’s film RRR, directed by SS Rajamouli, scored 8.4/10 on IMDb. This movie has been rated by 62,472 people, of which 42,000 people have rated it 10 out of 10. That is, 67 percent of the rating audience liked this movie a lot. Ajay Devgan and Amitabh Bachchan’s film ‘Runway 34’, released on April 29, got a rating of 8.1/10. This movie has been rated by 15,000 people, of which 7,000 people have given it a 10 out of 10 and 1,700 people have rated it a 1 out of 10. Thus, only 48 percent of the people who gave a rating after seeing the movie they liked the movie better.

Like these films, Tiger Shroff’s highly anticipated film ‘Heropanti 2’ scored a 5.7/10 and John Abraham’s film ‘Attack’ scored a 7.7/10 on IMDb. ‘Heropanti 2’ was released in theaters alongside Ajay Devgan’s ‘Runway 34’. It has been voted on by 21,000 people, but only 7,800 people have given it a rating of 10 out of 10, while 8,400 people have given it a rating of 1 out of 10. Only 38 percent of people have liked this movie. This clearly shows that Tiger Shroff has failed to win the hearts of the audience through this movie. At the same time, John Abraham’s movie ‘Attack’ has been rated by 8,794 people, of which 3,949 have rated it 10 out of 10. 1,300 people rated the movie 1 out of 10. Thus, 45 percent of people who gave the film a rating liked the attack very much.

After watching the movie ‘The Conversion’, 93 percent of the total viewers who gave ratings on the IMDb website gave a rating of 10 out of 10 and said they really liked this movie. Faced with such a situation, the question arises, what is it about this low-budget movie like ‘The Kashmir Files’ that people are liking so much? The answer to this question also lies in the success of the Vivek Agnihotra film. Everyone knows that society, cinema and politics influence each other. As is society, so is politics. In the same way, the same type of cinema is also liked by society. Right now the voice of Hindutva is strong in India. There are Hindutva governments in power. In such a situation, cinema related to Hindu ideology is succeeding. The popularity of the movie ‘The Conversion’ is clear proof of this.

Anyone who has not seen this movie will be curious that after all, what is the story of the movie ‘The Conversion’, which is being discussed so much. In such a situation, let us tell you that this film is based on such a sensitive topic as jihadi love. This movie has been shot in Benaras. The story of the film revolves around a Hindu girl. Born in the house of a brahmin in Kashi, that girl falls in love with a boy in college. The boy describes himself as a Hindu, he also speaks Sanskrit shlokas when necessary. The girl does not know that some kind of conspiracy has been made with her. The girl’s father finds out about her love, then stops her. But the girl gets married after coming to that boy’s words. After this, the period of harassment begins with him. She is forced to become a Muslim, but she does not agree and she runs away from her. She has realized that she has done wrong to her family and to her society. After this, she takes many steps to get back at her.

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