The love began with Brahmastra and now the marriage, why should the producer give up the publicity opportunity?

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt will marry on April 14. In many reports, marriage claims are made on this date, citing sources. A day earlier it was also reported that Alia has been placed under house arrest before getting married. It is not difficult for anyone to understand the kind of discussion that surrounds the marriage of the beautiful couple. So. Ranbir-Alia worked together on Ayan Mukerji’s ‘Brahmastra’. Brahmastra is considered one of the most important films of Indian cinema, which the audience is waiting for.

There is a strong discussion about the stars under the guise of marriage, so how can the creators of Brahmastra fail to seize this opportunity? The creators have shared another moving poster of Brahmastra. It features Ranbir and Alia. The moving poster has been released with a bite of the song sung by Arijit Singh in the movie: ‘Kesariya tera ishq hai piya, rang jaoon jo main haath lagoon’. Needless to say, in the marriage environment, people express love in the music poster of about 21 seconds. Brahmastra is produced by Karan Johar Production. The film is being made in three parts. First part- Brahmastra: Shiva is there. It will be released in September this year.

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New Brahmastra poster.

For five years, efforts are being made to make Brahmastra. But from time to time there has been a disturbance. Principal photography for Brahmastra began in the year 2018 and continued until this year. Brahmastra, Ranbir Alia’s relationship and now marriage – there is an interesting coincidence between the three. This project is believed to have brought Ranbir and Alia closer together for the first time. After the announcement of the film in 2018, both stars were suddenly seen together. Initially, people thought that because they were doing the same project, they would both be together, but the union of both was not like that of co-stars.

Karan Johar’s marketing stunt was also called

It was also discussed that Brahmastra is a great movie and Karan Johar is considered a master of movie marketing. Perhaps at the behest of the creators, the stars publicly poked fun at things like relationships. So that the romance of the reel and real life draws the general audience towards Brahmastra. Anyway, many movies have become blockbusters from gossip of such matters in Bollywood. News of the Rekha-Amitabh affair is believed to have brought commercial benefit to many of his films. Even Silsila was widely publicized by the media as the life story of Rekha, Amitabh and Jaya. How successful the series was, there is no need to tell anyone.

Similarly, the news of the affair of many more stars was planted. There are dozens of examples seen up to Disha-Tiger, Ranveer-Deepika, and Karthik-Sara. But the Ranbir-Alia relationship was visible at the next level. He was not seen as gossip spice for a movie. Within a short period of time, the two were also seen together at industry weddings and movie parties. Even the visits of both increased in the house of the other. And the bond of both with the other’s family was enough to indicate something different. People must have seen photos of how Alia was with Neetu Singh in New York during Rishi Kapoor’s illness. Like a family member. She did not seem to be friends with Ranabirki.

Relationship news began to circulate. The signals also began to show signs of confirmation of this. But both remained silent for a long time. But she was never denied. She speculates with a two-year marriage, which is now going to be tangible. That is, when Brahmastra began to be made, love began between them. And four months before the film’s release, the two are getting married. Whether or not the relationship was a plant for the movie, that’s an afterthought. But who can deny that this will increase people’s attraction to the film to a certain extent.

Both stars are broken hearts, X in life

Ranbir and Alia belong to the prestigious Bollywood film houses. The relationship of both is old but before there was no love. There was someone else in both of their lives. Ranbir had an affair first with Deepika and then with Katrina, while Alia’s relationship was with Siddharth Malhotra. After the breakup, the two grew closer. How close you were, perhaps should be revealed in post-marriage interviews. If Ranbir-Alia get married and come together for the promotion of Brahmastra, many questions will be asked about their relationship.

Apart from the two stars of Brahmastra, Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna, Mouni Roy, Dimple Kapadia, Divyendu Sharma have major roles.

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