The love story between Sakina-Tara Singh is not plotted

Sunny Deol and Amisha Patel’s look from Gadar 2 is viral. After 21 years, the sequel to Gadar is being made: Ek Prem Katha. Gadar was a box office success in its time and created many box office records. The Sunny-Amisha couple in the role of Tara Singh and Sakina still see each other after 21 years as they saw each other in Gadar. Anil Sharma is directing the film under the banner of Zee Studios. Anil’s son, Utkarsh Sharma, also plays a major role in the film. The shooting of the film took place in Lucknow during the last few weeks.

The Lucknow calendar has recently been completed. 80 percent has been shot and now Anil Sharma is preparing to shoot the remaining part elsewhere. In the first part, it was shown how a truck driver Tara Singh saved the life of a Sakina Muslim girl from the riots during the partition of India-Pakistan. Tara was already in love with Sakina, but the social difference between the two was such that Izhar-e-Mohabbat couldn’t do it. However, after the partition, the situation became such that both of them also fell in love and also got married. Both also had a son from the marriage and live happily together.

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Sakina was the daughter of one of the most influential Muslim families in Pakistan. Sakina’s love and marriage with Sikh could not tolerate her family members. Sakina is invited to Pakistan under the guise of breaking up her relationship with Tara and pressuring her into a second marriage. Sakina disagrees. Meanwhile, Tara, along with her son and friend, arrive in Pakistan to receive the news of the discovery of his wife. Pressure from Sakina’s influential family on the one hand, and the rebellion Tara creates in Pakistan in her attempt to return to India with Sakina on the other, has no answer. In the end, Sakina’s family is forced to confront Tara’s love. There is a plan to show the story that is coming in Gadar 2. It is difficult to make any kind of speculation about what it will be.

Sunny Deol’s Gadar Story Wasn’t Entirely Fake

In 2001, when Gadar came, there was a lot of uproar for religious reasons. The film is said to be fictional. But it is inspired by a similar love story of Sakina and Tara Singh. In fact, the story of Tara Singh is very similar to the life of Buta Singh, a former British Army soldier. Buta Singh is said to have fought on the Verma Front in World War II on behalf of the British Army during the era of Lord Mountbatten. For a time, the Buta Singh story was very popular in both India and Pakistan. Lovers and girlfriends used to set the example of Buta Singh’s love.

In fact, when the partition between India and Pakistan happened in 1947, there were riots in many areas. Many families were ruined, old stories ended and many new ones were born. The story of Buta Singh and Zainab was one of them. Zainab was Muslim. Buta Singh saved him from the riots. Later, Buta and Zainab started to like each other and got married. A daughter was also born to both of them. The tragedy began in Buta’s life when Zainab was sent to the new Pakistan for being a Muslim.

Buta Singh gave his life in Pakistan, but could not achieve love

Where has love ever made a difference in politics and its limitations? Buta decided that he would go to Zainab. Following this, a former British Army soldier entered Pakistan illegally. According to The Dan, Zainab married a cousin under family pressure. When Buta tried to meet Zainab, they beat him up a lot. The police arrested him. He was accused of crossing the border illegally. When the court came, Buta Singh stopped and narrated his condition. He said that Zainab is his wife and what happened to both of them. After hearing the whole story, the court ordered Zainab to appear. And he also said that if Zainab confirmed Buta’s words, he would be released.

But Zainab’s family members considered it an embarrassment. Great pressure was put on Zainab. In court, Zainab recognized Buta but refused to accompany her and refused to take care of her daughter. The boot was mangled. It is said that everyone present at court was saddened to see Buta’s condition that day. Before this, none of those present had seen a Jat break like this. Crazy Buta de Zainab committed suicide by jumping in front of a train with his daughter near Shahadra station in Pakistan out of desperation. However, the five-year-old daughter somehow survived. There are some other stories prevailing in Pakistan regarding Buta Singh’s death. According to them, Buta and his daughter died of illness.

A suicide note from Buta Singh also comes to light. In this he had expressed his last wishes. One of his wishes was that after his death, his last rites would be performed according to Muslim customs in the same village in Pakistan where Zainab’s family had settled after partition. Some stories say that his last wish was fulfilled and others say that the last wish was not fulfilled due to the opposition of the villagers.

Buta and Zainab’s love is fresh in the minds of many people amid the passing years and all the ups and downs in the India-Pakistan relationship. Stories and movies inspired by the lives of both were made. The Punjabi film Shaheed-e-Mohabbat Buta Singh which came in the year 1999, the Canadian film Partition is one of them. There has been talk of writing a novel about the Buta-Jainab story. Sakina-Tara’s love in Gadar is actually inspired by the story of Buta and Zainab. However, in Gadar, Tara does not fail to win her family back and returns home alive.

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