The magic of ‘Laila’ Nawazuddin and the action of Tiger Shroff, so what else do you need to see!

Bollywood also does science fiction with spices. To taste the colors of Holi, many spices and dried fruits can be added to Gujiya; its flavor can be seen in the Heropanti 2 trailer. Just one day before Holi, the Heropanti 2 trailer was released with Tiger Shroff and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in interesting roles. Heropanti watchers should know that this is not a sequel to the first part.

Only the main character of Heropanti will be seen, i.e. Apne Bablu (Tiger). It can definitely be nice to see Tiger and Nawaz together in the frame. Nawaz is known for playing different roles, and Tiger is in a class of his own. Both are not actors standing on the same line.

Nawazuddin in Heropanti.

In general, the story of the movie has a hero and a villain. The villain is Laila (Nawazuddin). Laila is a criminal but from the new era. She is a notorious criminal of the cyber world. She full of fantasy. The cynicism and gossip will be revealed at the beginning of the trailer. She is also an amateur magician. Now that Bablu is the hero, then naturally he will also be a genius of the cyber world. A genius who is also a tremendous fighter and can not believe seeing his acrobatics. It is clear that you can see a tremendous confrontation between Laila and Bablu.

Whatever stunts you’ve seen Tiger do in the movies so far, he can be seen going to the next level in Heropanti. The trailer can be considered as proof. The dialogue-action and everything spicy is excellent. But it is not for nothing that you have never seen it in Mumbai masala movies. VFX has also been used a lot in stunts. You can understand by looking at the scenes. By the way, if it’s a sci-fi movie, then there should be no room for so many buts. It would be better not to explore such possibilities in the Heropanti 2 trailer.

You can watch the trailer for Heropanti 2 below:-

The only thing in the Heropanti 2 trailer that gives the Tiger movie some hope is definitely the presence of Nawazuddin. Nawaz is once again in a whimsical character that suits him well. Before this, you must have seen Nawaz’s eccentric roles in movies and some web series. But this sounds like a bit of fun too. On repeat, Nawaz’s appearance supports his eccentric character. His eccentricity is seen in his dressed-up look and his “erratic behavior” in the trailer. Negative Erratic Behavior Character is somewhat similar to Ashutosh Rana, Lajja Shankar Pandey in Sangharsh

Laila, i.e. Nawaz, wears lipstick and nail polish like a woman. Like a woman, a criminal fond of decoration is so dangerous that it is horrible to see him murder. In the movie, Nawaz is responsible for all the craziness in the world and Tiger is responsible for the stunts. All this in the Heropanti 2 trailer. Two things are clear. One, when Tiger and Nawaz are there, then other things don’t matter. Shuddh Masala is an entertainer. Heropanti was a huge success. Heropanti 2 can also show charisma at the box office.

Heropanti 2 is directed by Amjad Khan. In addition to Tiger-Irrfan, the film also stars Tara Sutaria, Zakir Hussain, and Amrita Singh in major roles. Tara is in front of Tiger. The action entertainer will be released on the occasion of Eid. However, Heropanti 2 will have to go through a box office shock. Because on this day Ajay Devgan and Amitabh Bachchan’s suspense drama ‘Runway 34’ will premiere. The movie is said to be inspired by a real incident that happened in the year 2015. Having two big movies face to face on the same day can hurt the filmmakers. Although it is also history that two entertaining movies released together managed to gain audience and both became hits together.

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