The mistake of looking like Kim Kardashian for 5 crores, it took 95 lakhs to rectify the mistake!

How would you feel if someone called you by another name? Something similar happened with the Versace model Jennifer Pamplona. Kim Kardashian was so angry with Jennifer that in the last 12 years she had done more than 40 surgeries on her body. She spent around 5 million rupees on this surgery.

Pamplona would do anything to look like Kim Kardashian. Imagine the pain Pamplona must have endured if we got a minor injury, even though she wanted at all costs to get a figure like Kim Kardashian’s.

Now Jennifer Pamplona is 29 years old and has been in this madness since she was 17 years old. For the past seven years, she Jennifer has been filling and shaping her body. She underwent surgery to make her nose, lips, chest, throat, eyes, cheeks, and butt look like Kim Kardashian. Jennifer Pamplona got no satisfaction even after this. She became addicted to surgery. In this matter, she disposed of her body.

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Kim Kardashian had such a rage with Jennifer that she had more than 40 surgeries on her body

Eventually, Jennifer Pamplona ended up looking exactly like Kim Kardashian. People started calling him Kim’s stunt double. Jennifer Pamplona became famous, she also earned money but now she was just a copy of Kim Kardashian for the people. Jennifer Pamplona slowly lost her identity as she lost her true face. If she looked in the mirror, she would be scared, because in the mirror Her face resembled that of Kim Kardashian.

Due to repeated surgeries, he began to find his face frightening. She began to miss the true face of her. She wanted to get her name and identity back. She didn’t want to live like someone else.

Eventually, Jennifer Pamplona realizes her mistake and is desperate to find her true face. After this she thought of saying goodbye to her from her false life. She is now detransitioning her by investing Rs 95 lakh to recover her old body. She is correcting her mistakes and telling people to be like you are. Love yourself, because beauty has no limits, nor does human desire have an end.

    jennifer pamplona, ​​kim kardashian, model jennifer pamplona, ​​body of kim kardashian, jennifer pamplona spent 4 crores on 40 surgeryPeople used to call Jennifer Pamplona the Kardashians and little by little it crossed their minds.

All we can say is that Kim Kardashian’s wish to look different has yet to be fulfilled. She is playing with her body. Every year, people see a new avatar of him. What will it teach ordinary girls? Nifer Pamplona says that “I have worked, studied, done business, but my identity remained as Kim Kardashian.”

It happens that we want to look like the one we like. Especially girls copy their favorite actress. To look like her, change the way she dresses. Then she puts on makeup like him. After this, he begins the process of hair coloring, nail extensions, piercings, and tattoos. After this, the girls start starving to get the figure. From Botox injections to expensive salons. When they don’t get satisfaction even after doing this, they start cutting and trimming their face and body.

Girls need to understand that they are beautiful the way they are. So take care of yourself and stop hurting yourself for wanting to see yourself different. Wear what makes you feel comfortable. It is useless to lose yourself in the desire to look different in front of the world. At least Jennifer can learn a lesson from Pamplona’s history.

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