The monkey took the Delhi metro and got off at the next station; Video output


  • A monkey traveling on the Delhi metro train.
  • Scenes of a monkey that goes viral.
  • Authorities said the monkey could not be found.

New Delhi: A monkey on a Delhi metro train has taken over social media. The scene of the monkey sitting on the floor and seating without disturbing the passengers appeared on social media on Saturday. The incident went viral after the ANI news agency published the images.

The monkey’s journey from Yamuna Bank station to IP station made headlines. The monkey boarded the train from Yamuna Bank station at 4.45pm. When he saw the passengers, the monkey on the ground occasionally wandered around the car, but after a while he sat on a passenger seat. The trip passed without disturbance or noise. Other passengers filmed the monkey on the phone, looking out the window.

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Among the passengers there was concern that it might hurt, but it did not. When the train arrived at the IP station, the monkey left with the other passengers. Authorities said the monkey, which was released from the bus, could not be seen in the vicinity of the station.

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Images and news related to the monkey’s train ride were collected on social media. There is a shortage of passengers in Delhi metro stations due to the existence of Kovid-19 restrictions. In this case, it is possible that the monkey entered the station and got on the train.

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