The movie Bahubali made these 5 big changes in Bollywood in six years

One of the most talked about films in the history of Indian cinema, ‘Bahubali: The Beginning’, is now 6 years old. Directed by SS Rajamouli, ‘Baahubali’ premiered on July 10, 2015, in which Southern film stars such as Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty and Tamannaah won everyone’s hearts with their performances. Everything about Bahubali is amazing. From the location to the setting, from the character to the weapon, everything was tried to be grand and spectacular, in which the filmmakers were also successful. Not only this, as much as the film’s budget was huge, it also won tremendously.

‘Bahubali: The Beginning’ is the first Indian film to earn between Rs 60-70 million at home and abroad on the first day of its release. Not only this, it became the first South Indian film to earn Rs 303 crore in just 9 days. His total profit is around 418 million rupees. Released two years later, ‘Bahubali: The Conclusion’ broke all earnings records. The film had earned more than 100 million rupees on the first day. The profit figure in one week has also exceeded 800 crore rupees. Along with this, Aamir Khan’s lifetime collection of film ‘PK’ had also broken the record of Rs 792 crore. ‘Bahubali’ is counted as two great movies in the history of Indian cinema, ‘Sholay’ and ‘Mayabazar’. Now the story will be written taking into account the time before and after ‘Bahubali’.

SS Rajamouli’s historical film ‘Bahubali’ made these 5 big changes in Bollywood …

‘Bahubali’ is counted as two great movies in the history of Indian cinema, ‘Sholay’ and ‘Mayabazar’.

1. Big Budget Multilingual Movies Started in Bollywood

Before the film Bahubali, the practice of making big-budget multilingual films in Bollywood was non-existent. Except for movies dubbed into Hindi on cable TV, almost no South Indian movies were released in the Hindi belt theaters. But Bahubali completely changed this system. For the first time, the film industry felt that a great film could be made on a large scale with a large investment. The record earnings of this film opened the fist of the filmmakers. After this, big-budget multilingual movies are now being made on a large scale. This list includes the film starring Yash, Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon, KGF 2 (budget: 100 million rupees); NTR Jr., Ajay Devgn, Ramcharan Teja and Alia Bhatt star in RRR (budget: Rs 400 million); Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan and Kriti Sanon star in Aadipurush (budget: Rs 500 million); Included is the film starring Prabhas and Pooja Hegde, Radhe-Shyam (budget: Rs 350 million). These films will be released in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada.

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2. Films about mythology began to be made

After the immense success of Rajamouli’s ‘Bahubali’, the trend of bringing mythology to the big screen with the help of modern technology started in the film industry. Movies are being made based on many great characters and mythological stories. Prabhas will be seen in the role of Lord Ram in director Om Raut’s film ‘Adipurush’. Saif Ali Khan and Kriti Sanon are also in this movie with him. Producer Madhu Mantena is going to make a movie about ‘Ramayana’. In this, Deepika Padukone will appear in the role of Sita. Producers Vasu Bhagnani, Deepshikha Deshmukh and Jackky Bhagnani have announced the shooting of the film ‘Suryaputra Mahavir Karna’. In this, South’s superstar Vikram will be seen in the role of ‘Karn’. Famous poet Dr. Kumar Vishwas will also make his Bollywood debut through this. He’s writing the dialogue, lyrics, and script for the film. Akshay Kumar has the lead role in the film Ram Setu, by director Abhishek Sharma, whose Muhurta was recently filmed in Ayodhya.

3. He who has never seen the cinema also came to the theater

Bahubali created the story. Some films like ‘Sholay’ and ‘Mayabazaar’ are milestones in the 100-year history of cinema, Bahubali being one of them. It showed how profound the experience of watching a movie can be. He expanded the universe of cinema. It dragged into theaters those people who hadn’t been to theaters in the last 30 years, who weren’t interested in movies at all. According to Rahul Ravindran, director of the South Indian film ‘Chi La Sou’, Baahubali presented to the film industry the real potential of the Indian market. Movie earnings in the United States and China are five times that of Bollywood, while the population of the United States will be 30 percent of that of India and China a little more. In India, only 2 to 3 percent of the total population can watch movies. This is because there are not many cinemas in our country and films of this type are not released for the most part, which drives people to theaters.

4. The form of film promotion changed

The filmmakers of the film Bahubali taught how to promote a film. He turned a movie into news. Baahubali was promoted not only as a movie but as a festival. This is the reason why people who weren’t interested in movies also went to the cinemas to see Bahubali. This film increased respect for South Indian cinema in minds across the country. After the release of ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’, all the South Indian filmmakers erupted with pride. This inspired Bollywood filmmakers to see what’s new in the Telugu film industry. According to Venu Udugula, director of the film ‘Virat Parva’, the dubbing and remake rights of films in Tamil and Telugu have also increased.

5. The wall between southern and Hindi cinema has collapsed

Films in the ‘Bahubali’ movie franchise broke all box office earnings records and set new standards. Seeing this not only opened the eyes of the great Bollywood filmmakers, but the South filmmakers also felt that by releasing films in multiple languages ​​at the Pan India level, more profit can be made at the same cost. After this, his trend gradually began, which broke down the wall between southern and Hindi cinema. For this, in the first place, the cast confusion began in the movies. For example, some artists started signing from the south and others from Hindi. Not only this, in some movies, Hindi producer and South director, such confusion has started to occur. From RRR to KGF 2, this confusion can be seen in many movies.

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