The mystery behind the tragic ending of Prabhas-Pooja’s beautiful romance in Radhe Shyam Trailer

A trailer has been released for ‘Bahubali’ superstar Prabhas and the upcoming vintage sci-fi romance drama film, Pooja Hegde, ‘Radhe Shyam’. This movie is written and directed by Radha Krishna Kumar. The film has been shot in Telugu and Hindi languages, jointly produced by the Prabhas starter poster, Gopikrishna Movies, UV Creations, and T-Series. The film will be released in theaters in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and English on the occasion of Makar Sankranti on January 14 next year. The music for the film is composed by Justin Prabhakaran, while the cinematography is done by Manoj Paramhans and edited by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao. This Pan-India movie by Prabhas was being discussed for a long time.

Famous Bahubali actor Prabhas will be seen in the role of Rasiya for the first time in his upcoming film Radhe Shyam.

The 3-minute 5-second trailer for the movie ‘Radhe Shyam’ begins with the dialogue from Prabhas, which really gives an insight into the story of the movie. Prabhas’s character, Aditya, also known as Vikramaditya, says, “Listen, next time mother asks, tell me that love and marriage are not in my destiny.” The three words in this dialogue are the basis of the film’s story. Love, marriage and luck. Love is at the center of this love story. But Vikramaditya, who is a palmist, knows that love is not written in his life, so he continues to flirt with girls. One day, Aditya meets Pooja Hegde’s character, Prerna, who is a great girl. They both begin to like each other. Not only this, Prerna falls in love with Aditya.

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When Prerna expresses her love to Aditya, he rejects her. Aditya tells him that she doesn’t want to fall in love, she just wants to ‘flirt’. For more information, let us tell you that ‘Flirtationship’ is a relationship that is more than friendship and a relationship that is less than serious. In this, there is no serious commitment between the couple, so there is no pain from the breakup. Today it is fashionable. After listening to Aditya, Prerna tells him that you consider yourself Roman, about which he says I don’t want to fall in love. Because this love story won’t happen to him. About this, Prerna says that she is Juliet. Falling in love with him means dying. After this, the story of the romance suddenly moves towards mystery.

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The question arises that, after all, who is Aditya? It turns out that his real name is Vikramaditya, also known as ‘Einstein of palmistry’. He is the most knowledgeable about palmistry in the whole world, when he sees the lines of the hand, he tells the past, the future and the present of anyone. He is an astrologer whom all the great leaders of the world, including Indira Gandhi, want to meet. Prerna also shows her the lines of her hands, so she is surprised. He says that he has seen the stars decorated in the lines of his hand for the first time. But does the love of Vikramaditya and Prerna come to an end? What is the secret of the boat curled up in the middle of a storm in the trailer? Why does Prerna appear in a bathtub full of blood? The answer to all these questions will be available only on January 14, the day the film will be released.

Among the many characteristics of the movie ‘Radhe Shyam’, there is one of those qualities, which fans will like a lot, which is the voice of Darling Prabhas. Until now, some other artist used to dub his voice in Hindi movies. As in Bahubali, actor Sharad Kelkar gave him his voice. But for this movie, he has learned Hindi and done his own dubbing. Along with Prabhas and Pooja, many stars such as Sachin Khedekar, Krishnam Raju, Priyadarshi, Bhagyashree, Murli Sharma, Kunal Roy Kapur and Satyan will be seen in this film. Prabhas and Pooja’s chemistry is being created in the movie. Manoj Paramhans has made it more beautiful due to its excellent cinematography. Music composed by Justin Prabhakaran adds to that. The background score is also adapted to the story.

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