The neighbor’s wife mentions that Dinesh Karthik was shot and killed by the Brad Hogg car


  • Former Australian cricketer Brad Hogg with the troll Karthik
  • Karthik’s comment that bats are like handcuffs has become controversial
  • Karthik apologized to fans for making controversial comments

New Delhi – Former Australian cricketer and sports expert Brad Hogg is a good joker. Hogg is at the forefront of making people laugh on and off social media. Hogg recently trolled Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik. Karthik was spotted by Trolley Hogg at the mention of his neighbor’s wife.

Karthik had said yesterday in a comment that Bats is like a neighbor’s wife. Karthik made such a reference in relation to hitters using his teammate’s bat. Most hitters don’t like their bats. Karthik said they like someone else’s bat and think they are good.

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Karthik pointed out that some people see Bat as a neighbor’s wife who is better than his wife. However, with such a reference, Hogg cautions that his neighbors should view Karthik with caution. Hogg jokingly hints that Karthik may feel that his neighbor is better than his wife.

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Karthik made the controversial comment during the England-Sri Lanka game. However, Karthik’s words have been criticized as sexually abusive. The actor apologized after fans responded that they expected more good things from Karthik. The explanation of the star is that people did not understand things the way I wanted. The words caused a misunderstanding. Karthik said those things would never happen again and that he had quarreled with his wife and mother about this.

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