The people who are giving Nirhua’s name as Nachaniya, Trickster, remember a few things…

You despise an artist, you adore him with words like nachaniya, cheater, knows how. Yesterday or the day before yesterday I saw a video of a Yadav leader from the party who was defeated in the Azamgarh by-elections telling the actors who went in support of Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirhua that all of these are available in the reserve. , Nirhua’s rhythm is so much that of a blossoming actress. And for the promotion of our party, MP, MLA, student leader and who knows who Turram Khan has come. The leader whose statement this is is probably also on my Facebook and many times in the morning I meet Lohia while she was walking in the park.

Now the idea is that when that artist is in your support, then he is called a veteran artist, an artist raised from the ground, you give him the Yash Bharti award, but when that artist goes to another party, then he is Nachaniya, Dhongi . What happens to a cheater? Is it clear from this that there is no respect for artists in your party?

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After winning the Azamgarh elections, Nirhua is becoming the victim of pointless criticism.

You do politics on Twitter, Facebook, other people take to the streets, you meet the general public. When you lose, they repeat the same table as always, you don’t even realize that the floor is slipping. And no one is going to tell you the truth. Actually, cannabis has been put in the well a long time ago.

Dinesh Lal Yadav ‘Nirhua’ definitely deserves congratulations for this victory, because he has achieved this victory as an artist. It would not have been easy to run for office against a veteran leader with no political background.

Although your party has campaigned a lot for you, you have put a strategy in place, but I believe that in this victory your own public will be known, all the artists in the Bhojpuri industry reaching out to the general public in your support and asking for votes in their support is also a lot. It would have been useful.

All those artists saw no religion, no caste, no class, only the artist should have support for the artist, he saw this. I am happy with your victory because this victory is not for a leader, but for an artist who left the town, fought, did penance and made a place for himself.

Many, many congratulations to Dinesh Lal Yadav ‘Nirhua’ on the win. Congratulations to all my familiar and unknown artists in the Bhojpuri industry. Congratulations to the entire society of artists and thanks to the audience (voters). Living art, living artist.

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