The ‘religious Diksha’ of the stars of the South has struck a chord with the audience of the Hindi heart!

Recently, the image of Junior NTR wearing ocher clothes, taking Hanuman Diksha, appeared on social media. Previously, Ram Charan was seen barefoot in black clothes. It was said that he is fasting for 45 days for Lord Ayyappa. These two South Indian movie superstars are being followed in the Hindi belt through RRR movie these days. In such a situation, they not only like the religious devotion of these stars, but they are deepening their hearts. South Indian movie stars who are ritualistic will surely appeal to North Indian believers because these audiences were fed up with the westernization of Bollywood these days.

Not only this, these days the sentiment of Hindutva and Hindu identity is at its peak in India. After independence, this class, which was considered neglected for the past seven decades, has been restless since the 1990s. The expression of their feelings has been seen in many forms before. But in 2014, when the BJP government was formed in the center under the leadership of Narendra Modi with an absolute majority, those sentiments began to come to light. Because power had changed with society. The people had come to know that a government has now arrived that understands their views.

Ram Charan, the main hero of the RRR movie, was seen barefoot in a black suit. He is known to have taken a vow of Lord Ayyappa.

Politics often understand the sentiments of the public and use them accordingly. This has happened every round, which is happening even now. But a large part of the country seems to be satisfied. He feels that the right representative of his views has been found in politics. Modi and Yogi can be seen as the same representative. Both names can be symbols. Just like Modi and Yogi in politics, people in the cinema were also looking for such stars, who could express their feelings and thoughts on the big screen. Bollywood has failed at this.

In a sense, after the 80s in Bollywood, there was a rapid change in cinema. After that, garbage was served in the name of romance. Such things were shown in movies, which have been beyond imagination. People were entertained with them, but could not connect. After 1995, the worst stage came, when the exaltation of the underworld, the mafia and criminals began in the cinema. It is true that these stories have also come out of this society, but the characters who became heroes in it have been enemies of society.

It is even said that money from the underworld began to trickle into Bollywood, after which his image was deliberately projected in a positive light. But it is said, ‘Ati sarvatra varjayet’. You should always avoid overdoing it. Because the day the pitcher is filled, if there is a small oversight that day, it will burst. Something similar also happened with Bollywood. When all this was happening, South Cinema was quickly making its way into every home in the Hindi belt via cable television. His heroes were making their mark.

Meanwhile, in the year 1995, the movie ‘Bahubali’ was released. Pan India released this movie that broke all the walls. New standards were established in place of the old ones. The story of this film and the performance of the stars won the hearts of the audience of all categories. This movie took South Cinema off television and onto the big screen. The sequel to the movie did the right thing. ‘Baahubali 2’ rocked Bollywood by earning 1.8 billion rupees at the box office. After this, many movies were released one after another, which changed the concept of Pan India movie.

When Bollywood was taking its last breath during the Corona period. Even at the time, South’s movies were making big money. It was said that the Hindi market is slow. But then Allu Arjun’s movie ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ was released which opened everyone’s eyes even in this difficult time by making a 350 crore business. In this, earnings of Rs 108 crore have been made from its Hindi version alone. ‘RRR’ and ‘KGF Chapter 2’, which were released after this movie, have created an uproar at the box office. Everyone is surprised to see the earnings of these two movies.

Movie ‘RRR’ is desperate to hit the Rs 1000 crore club, so ‘KGF Chapter 2’ earned Rs 500 crore in just 5 days after it premiered. The Hindi version of ‘KGF’ has also set many records. Its Hindi version, which hit the 200 crore club, grossed a record 54 crores on its opening day. In the Hindi belt, many southern stars dominate, including rock star Yash from ‘KGF’, Jr NTR from ‘RRR’ and Ram Charan, Allu Arjun from ‘Pushpa’. The biggest reason behind this is his thought and ideological insistence along with his performance.

After the success of ‘RRR’, superstar Ram Charan has observed a strict 41-day fast for Ayappa Swamy’s darshan. During this, he was seen barefoot wearing black clothing. This is said to be a Mahavrata, which is a South Indian tradition, which is called Ayappa Diksha. It lasts 41 days. In these 41 days, they dedicate everything to God. Do not wear slippers or eat non-vegetable foods. He only sleeps on the floor. This form of Ram Charan won the hearts of the Hindi belt people.

Ram Charan was seen as Lord Shri Ram in the movie ‘RRR’ which was liked by a large number of audiences. Along with him, his ‘Hanuman’ Junior NTR in saffron color has also been seen. NTR is said to have taken the Hanuman initiation in view of the success of the movie. A photo of him is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which he is seen wearing a saffron kurta-pajama, garland around his neck and tilak on his forehead. The actor is said to have promised to go barefoot for about 21 days.

During this, following the rules, they will only eat sattvik food. Seeing this form of NTR coming out of the south, a large number of people are getting happy in North India. People believe that for the first time in the film industry their feelings are respected. This way movie stars are questioning their mind. Otherwise, in the name of appeasement, big stars were seen talking about a particular religion. However, some people still believe that all this is going to break society.

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