The situation changed; Kiran Masumdar Shah Says The World Is Moving Towards Biology And Computational Science

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  • Kiran Masumdar Shah described the situation.
  • In the age of world biology.
  • Economic development requires research.

Noida: Biocon founder Kiran Masumdar Shah has said that the world is now entering the age of biology and science. Although the first two decades of this century were dominated by information technology, the situation has changed, he said.

Strengthening research will contribute to economic development. Speaking at the Bennett University annual conference, Kiran Masumdar Shah said he was confident that this would strengthen the economic sector by making it environmentally sustainable alongside health, agriculture, livestock and industry.

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Bennett University Vice Chancellor Dr. KS Prabhu Agarwal came on the scene. He said that the name Kiran Masumdar Shah was synonymous with biotechnology in the country. “Systems have been developed to increase treatment and reduce treatment costs. Using advanced science, advanced technology platforms and international research collaborations to develop treatments for diabetes and cancer,” he said.

Agarwal attributed the rise of Suresh Narayanan, Chairman and CEO of Nestl ഇന്ത്യയുടെ India in business to his excellent experience. Narayanan said the honorary doctorate he received from Bennett University was dedicated to his family. The degree is dedicated to parents, wife and daughter. He was helped by the excellent education given him by his common father. But he said parents are not there to see this achievement. NASSCOM President Debjani Ghosh, who was the special guest at the convention, said Indian technologies are changing rapidly.

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Biocon founder Kiran Masumdar Shah and Nestlé India President and MD Suresh Narayanan were honored yesterday by Bennett University with honorary doctorates.

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