The Taliban lock up 100 terrorists; Plans for terrorist attacks in various parts of India

New Delhi: The Jaish-e-Muhammad terror group warned of possible attacks in various parts of the country following the rise to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Intelligence agencies have warned of possible terrorist attacks in places like Jammu and Kashmir. The warning comes after the Taliban released about 100 Jaish militants from a prison in Afghanistan. The Hindu cited sources saying that Jaish-e-Muhammad leader Masood Azhar had instructed members of the militant group to carry out attacks in Kashmir after the victory in Afghanistan. Security agencies have also received posts on social media about it. Jaish-e-Muhammad also reportedly instructed the terrorists at the training centers to prepare for the attacks. Officials say talks have already taken place between top Jaish-e-Muhammad leaders and Taliban leaders. The report said that the Taliban had offered all possible support to Jaish-e-Muhammad for the attacks against India. Officials say the change of government in Afghanistan could also benefit Taliban-backed Pakistani forces. Central agencies are on high alert in this regard.

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The Taliban have taken control of the country when US troops return from Afghanistan after 20 years of war. Many countries are concerned that Afghanistan, which is controlled by a terrorist organization, could become a safe haven for global terrorists. India’s neighbors Pakistan and China have taken a pro-Taliban stance. A Taliban leader said yesterday that Pakistan was his second home. Also controversial was the statement by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s party leader Neelam Irshad Sheikh that Pakistan would invade Kashmir with the help of the Taliban. Meanwhile, Indian troops are launching a major offensive against Jaish-e-Muhammad in Kashmir. So far this year, the army has killed several high-ranking Jaish militants. On July 31, two Jaish commanders, both Pakistani nationals, were killed in a clash with Indian troops in Pulwama. They were found to be the masterminds of the 2019 Pulwama terrorist attack. The National Investigative Agency was continuing its investigation on behalf of the defendants in the case.

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Ismail and Ghazi, who were killed, had recruited several youths from the Kashmir Valley to join the militant group, authorities said. They also said that Jaish-e-Muhammad’s activities in Kashmir were in crisis after his assassination. But security officials worry that the new changes in Afghanistan are strengthening Jaish-e-Mohammed. Jaish-e-Mohammed is believed to have close ties to international terrorist organizations Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Jaish-e-Mohammed is believed to have been armed and financed by agencies such as the Taliban. Jaish leader Masood Azhar is also on the UN terrorist list.

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