The ‘Tyagi scandal’ resounded in the Red Fort, not only heard what the prime minister said for women

“For some reason or another, such a distortion has come to us. In our speech, in our behavior, in some of our words, we insult women. Can we, by nature, commit ourselves to getting rid of everything that humiliates women? in daily life through sanskar? The pride of women is going to be a great capital to fulfill the dreams of the nation. I am seeing this power.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi became emotional as he appealed to protect the dignity and honor of the women on the walls of the Red Fort. His pain, his pain, was visible in his voice. But the question here is what caused this pain to the prime minister? Modi After all, why did he have to talk to the Red Fort about respecting women?

Those who know Prime Minister Modi know that he closely follows every little and big incident that happens in the country and the world. Especially his reaction to most of the incidents happening in his country and society also keeps coming. In such a situation, how is it possible that the ‘Tyagi scandal’ that occurred in Noida has not been touched by them? The way alleged Noida BJP leader Shrikant Tyagi had been hesitant about a woman living in his own society. He had abused her. He had said dirty things to that woman. After listening to him, everyone had done him wrong. Even the common people along with the society took to the streets after the video of this incident went viral. Here the question was about a woman’s honor.

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Pain spilled from PM’s eyes

To the honor of the woman victim, the way people pressured the police-administration together with public representatives, the matter caught fire upon seeing the matter. Eventually, days after the incident, the accused Shrikant Tyagi could be arrested in Meerut. Not only that, all the illegal constructions of the defendants were demolished. A case was prepared against him under the Goondas Act. All this was done by the police after being pressured by the people. In the context of this incident, Prime Minister Modi has spoken from the walls of the Red Fort. When he spoke these things, his throat was full. The pain of this incident was clearly visible in his eyes. He himself also said that he cannot live without expressing this pain in front of people.

Modi’s emotional appeal

This emotional appeal from Prime Minister Modi must not only be heard, but must also be considered. We insult women many times through our behavior. Sometimes we don’t even know that we are insulting someone. Because in some people such behavior becomes part of their habit. PM is appealing to those people to break that habit by bringing changes in their speech, behavior and nature. Every man must agree not to insult the woman with any kind of behavior. It has also been said, “Yatra naryastu pujyante, ramante tatra devata” which means where women are worshiped, there the gods reside.

Modi said this from the walls of Fort Lala…

status of women in india

There is a vast difference between words and deeds regarding the status of women in India. Violence against women is not taking the name of stopping here. On the one hand, the government is taking measures for the empowerment of women and, on the other hand, it has not provided security for women who leave the house. There is a big difference between thought and reality here. In the year 2018, there was a report by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, in which India was described as the most dangerous country in the world for women. In this survey conducted in 193 countries, there were some parameters such as women’s health, education, sexual violence, murder and discrimination. India was behind on all scales. Here the health and education condition of women was the worst.

What is the Noida Tyagi scandal?

Srikant Tyagi had a confrontation with a woman accused of illegal possession at the Noida Grand Omaxe Society. In reality, Tyagi was planting saplings in the society. The woman said that she is illegally occupying the land there by planting saplings. This altercation case caught fire when Tyagi indecently, fought and abused the female victim. The video of him went viral on social media. After seeing this, people jumped from society to social networks. People started to protest. Meanwhile, some of Tyagi’s thugs entered the society. They tried to beat people, but members of the society caught them and handed them over to the police.

Ferrari arrest story

Meanwhile, Gautam Budh Nagar MP Dr. Mahesh Sharma came to the society. People surrounded him. After this, the MP reprimanded the police and the administration. He directly called the Home Minister in Lucknow and asked him to take action on this matter, then the Noida Police took action. Tyagi ran away from his house. The police gave him a reward of 25,000 rupees. After playing cat and mouse for several days, Tyagi was finally arrested in Meerut. Along with him, four associates were also arrested. They were all sent to jail after being presented in court. Police are taking action against him under the Goondas Act. All the illegal constructions of it have been demolished. Inspection of the matter is ongoing.

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