The vaccine will be available to everyone over 18 years of age starting today; The new vaccine policy came into force


  • New vaccine policy in the country as of today.
  • Vaccine for everyone over 18 years of age.
  • The center sets the prices for vaccines.

New Delhi: The new vaccine policy will go into effect in the country from today as the warning of the third wave of Kovid continues. The vaccine will be available to everyone over the age of 18 starting today. The government’s measure is to centralize the distribution and acquisition of vaccines.

About 75 percent of the vaccine can be purchased by the Center and delivered to the states, and the remaining 25 percent can be purchased directly from private hospitals. Vaccine allocations to states are determined by disease transmission rate, population, and actual vaccine supply. Until now, the Kovid vaccine has been available for free in the country for people over the age of 45.

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The central government is trying to provide a full vaccination in the country by December. Private hospitals may charge Rs 780 for the Kovichield vaccine, which is accepted by most countries, Rs 1,410 for Kovacs, and Rs 1,145 for Sputnik, a Russian-made vaccine. In addition to the cost of the vaccine, private hospitals may charge a maximum service charge of up to Rs 180.

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The accusation of inequality in the distribution of vaccines has led the central government to adopt a new vaccine policy. At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that yoga has become a ray of hope as the whole world today fights against the Kovid 19 epidemic. He spoke in connection with International Yoga Day.

Modi said that the importance of yoga was increasing in the fight against Kovid. “Although no public events have been organized for the past two years due to the epidemic, interest in yoga has not diminished. Today, as the world battles the Kovid epidemic, yoga has become a ray of hope. The Prime Minister wished all the countries, regions and peoples of the world a healthy life.

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