The way movies made about cricket from ’83 to Jersey were flops, what will happen to these seven movies?

Cricket stories can no longer impress the audience? The failure of Ranveer Singh’s 83 and Shahid Kapoor’s jersey over the past few months proves the same. Both films turned out to be failures in every respect. While in India, cricket is considered to be one of the best selling things after cinema. Here both cinema and cricket were together. Both films were made on a good budget. 83 somehow managed to recoup half of the build cost and the way Jersey has hit half in the first two days, he’s going to have a hard time recouping even half the budget.

After the failure of these two films, there is a question mark in the cricket stories that are under construction. Currently, about seven big projects are being worked on in Bollywood. After the unprecedented success of movies based on the original cricket stories, the producers offered to make these movies. Otherwise Bollywood seems to have shunned sports stories for a long time. He has occasionally made sports films. Most of the stories are based on the lives of great cricketers. And the best actors are also working on them.

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Anushka Sharma and Taapsee Pannu.

Movies are being made about these legendary cricketers.

Among the seven stories that Bollywood is working on about cricket, the first story is the protagonist of Taapsee Pannu, Shabas Mithu. This movie is a biopic of the Indian women’s team veteran Mithali Raj. Anushka Sharma is also making Jhulan Goswami’s biopic Chakda Express. Ranveer Singh is also making a film about the life of Sourav Ganguly. Janhvi Kapoor and Rajkumar will also appear in Mr. and Mrs. Mahi, based on cricket. A project with Abhishek Bachchan in the role of a cricket coach is also underway. Apart from these movies, Karthik Aryan can also be seen in a movie about cricket. It is said that they are making many preparations for this.

But the big question is, what will be the future of movies? Certainly the fate of two movies based on cricket is very bad. Whereas in the early part of the last two decades movies like Lagaan, MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, Iqbal, Chain Coolie Ki Main Coolie, Sachin, Ferrari Ki Sawaari and Jannat did big business. The success of these films opened the closed doors of making cricket stories in Bollywood. Now those doors are barred by the failure of the movies. What is the reason behind this?

Bollywood needs to learn lessons from failure

Looking for the reason for this, the cricket stories that were rejected by the audience did not see the spirit that is the spirit of the movies of this theme. For example, 83 is a movie about the highlights of cricket in India. But the audience was not thrilled with his story. The film sometimes seems to deviate from the original purpose. The story is loose and many non-essential episodes were loaded into the film. The result is ahead. Similarly, Shahid’s shirt also lacks the spirit that was seen in Nani’s original Telugu film. The motivation and will to fight in the original film is worth seeing. Needless to say the result of Shahid’s film. However, during this time, the biographical drama Kaun Praveen Tambe, which appeared on OTT, has definitely made a lot of headlines and kept hope alive about cricket-made cinema.

Shreyas Talpade’s stardom is not huge. Regardless, Praveen Tambe’s texture forced everyone to appreciate it. The movies that Bollywood is making based on cricket will have a great influence, only then can they impress the audience. If this does not happen, even if cricket is worshiped as a religion in the country, its cinematic results will not come to light. Since the movies are still in the making, hopefully the filmmakers will heed the lessons learned from the flop of 83 and Jersey and try to make movies like mass artists.

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