The way the dialogue is written in the movie ‘Raavan Leela’, it only shows frustration.

A new movie ‘Ravan Leela’ is coming. Saw your trailer. At the end of the trailer, the character who plays the role of Ravana says to Ram: ‘Tell me one thing, suppose I kidnapped Sita, but you also cut my sister’s nose, in all this war my dynasty was destroyed, brother- My son also died, I also died, so why do you dare? ‘On this, the person who plays the part of Ram says: “Because I am God.” Whoever wrote this dialogue is a very frustrated person. Firstly, the intellectuals do not believe in the existence of Rama, then according to that, if Rama is considered just a story, then in all the stories of Rama-Ravana it has been said that Ravana not only kidnapped Sita but also He also tried to do it. keep her forcibly with him. And not just Sita, but after conquering many other kings, he had kept his women with him.

There is likely to be controversy over the content of the film Ravana Leela.

It has been told in the story of Rama that when Rama and Lakshman stayed in the forest, Surpanakha was fascinated by Rama. He wanted to get Rama and sang praises of his greatness. So Rama said that only a woman can remain in his life and she is Sita, he only loves Sita. After this, Soorpanakha told Lakshmana that you are alone, that I can stay close to Rama if I stay with Rama’s brother.

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On this, Lakshman also rebuked him because my wife may be in Ayodhya, but I only love her and remain celibate until I am with her. Wounded by this, Soorpanakha not only despised Sita but also tried to kill her, attacking her from his side. In response to this, there is talk of Ram-Lakshman cutting off Soorpanakha’s nose.

However, it is also cited in some places that Surpanakha considered the rejection of Ram-Lakshman’s love proposal as his insult and the proverb of ‘cut off the nose’ for insult still prevails today. Rama or Lakshmana did not actually cut off Surpanakha’s nose when this image was dramatized.

Ravana or his lineage did not end just because he had kidnapped Sita. Even after Sita’s abduction, when Rama’s messengers came to take Sita back peacefully, Ravana showed arrogance that what would the two forest dwellers uproot him? He will never return to Sita. Then there was a war in which Ravana’s arrogance drowned him and not the fact that Rama was God. Ram had only come to return his wife safely.

Why would there be a war if Ravana had already returned Sita? Leave Ram, if in the current era someone’s sister falls in love with you and after refusing his courtship, his brother takes your wife, what will you do? Will you let your wife die?

Or you don’t believe the tales and if you believe, then study a little and show them in the right way and don’t try to tell a tyrant like the great Ravana by writing nonsensical dialogues. Don’t set a bad example. Whoever kidnaps someone’s wife and wants to make her his wife by force can never deserve mercy, be it a god or a human who fights with him.

People of the demonic nature are hell-bent on telling the demons to be right. If you say something, you will say that everything is subjective. To say more, we are declared Sanghi, fans, etc., etc. These people want to bridge the difference between good and bad and nothing else. So that he himself can justify his demonic acts.

Whether you consider Ram to be a human or God, imaginary or true, it is a personal matter, no one will ever ask you to worship Ram, but you set a wrong example about those characters, try to prove that the criminal mentality is correct by involving it. in sugar syrup, so it would be socially unfair.

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