Theft of telephones from foreign diplomats; Parliament will remain tainted by the Pegasus controversy


  • Center defends itself in controversy over phone leak
  • The diplomats’ phones were also planned to be leaked.
  • Amit Shah needs to be explained

New Delhi: In addition to the country’s political leaders and journalists, Pegasus is reportedly planning to hack the phones of foreign diplomats and officials of foreign organizations using spyware. Parliament will remain in a state of confusion after the phones of Congress President Rahul Gandhi and those associated with opposition leaders were leaked. The opposition parties have declared that they will not stand in the by-elections.

The parties, including Congress, have accused the central government of monitoring opposition leaders and journalists since 2017 using spyware developed by an Israeli company. The controversial findings are part of an ongoing investigation by various media and human rights groups around the world. But the central government claims the reports are false and an attempt to blackmail the country.

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Meanwhile, French media outlet Le Monde reported that the central government had also attacked the phones of foreign diplomats based in Delhi. According to the newspaper, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was also on the list.

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On Monday, a group of 17 media outlets published information claiming to have been leaked from an Israeli company. The group includes the US media Washington Post, The Guardian of the UK and the Indian media The Wire. The Wire reports that a British High Commission official, two US-controlled CDC officials and an official from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were on the list.

Diplomatic officials from China and Pakistan are also on the list. It should be noted, however, that the list also includes officials from some countries that have good diplomatic relations with India.

However, neither the CDC nor the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have responded to reports that the leak of the phones was planned.

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