There are no plans to transfer Lakshadweep to the Karnataka High Court; Government in denial


  • There are several petitions against administrative reforms in Kerala High Court
  • The news was that the administrator had sent a letter to the center
  • Lakshadweep government says no move is being made

New Delhi: Lakshadweep jurisdiction will be transferred to Kerala High Court. According to the report, administrator Praful Khoda Patel has written to the Center requesting the same. According to the report, the move comes after several petitions were filed against the administrator in the Kerala High Court.

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Meanwhile, the Lakshadweep government denied the news. Lakshadweep collector Ashkar Ali said in a press release that there was no move to move Lakshadweep’s jurisdiction from Kerala High Court to Karnataka and that the news was not true.

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Several petitions are pending in the Kerala High Court against the administrative reforms of Praful Khoda Patel. The Kerala High Court has also considered bail requests from filmmaker Aisha Sultana and others. The Territory of the Union must be under the jurisdiction of the High Court which is Parliament. Changes of jurisdiction can only be made after discussion in Parliament.

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