There could have been a bigger debate than the age of Arjun-Malaika, today, blind people cannot see.

Today, on Arjun Kapoor’s birthday, many things are worth discussing. One of the most important things is that in the name of the birthday party in times of epidemic, how right is it to gather a ‘crowd’ of star friends in the house? But there are people who cannot see other topics to talk about Arjuna. After all, everything gets stuck on his girlfriend Malaika Arora – Hey! How old is Malaika than Arjun? People cannot digest this age difference of the two on a large scale. Now who should tell the people of the world that there is no measure of love, that it should be weighed against the scale of age? If two people are happy together, then I don’t understand why the third’s stomach twists from this.

It’s frustrating to see some comments, posts, and memes on social media. Pain also comes. One user, while making a public display of mental illness, wrote: Arjun Kapoor is only a few years older than Malaika’s son. Arjun’s love for a woman his mother’s age is amazing. He is getting the love of the bride and the mother together. I don’t understand where these vigilantes of society come from bringing so much shamelessness.

In reality this is all just a male dominated mindset and nothing else. In all cases, the leader will always be the man. With the seniority of age, the man will continue to control the relationship. This is the Talibani mentality of men who want to maintain gender supremacy anywhere, even in the family and loving marriages. For this he has set the limits of the moral ideal. According to him, the same couple of man and woman is ideal, in which the man is older. In the marriage of a young woman with middle-aged or older people, this society wears a cloak of silence. He doesn’t care that a man can love a woman older than him.

Those who are making fun of Arjun for the mismatched couple are actually making fun of Prem. It is doubtful that there is little room for love and humanity in his life. Arjun and Malaika are unable to feel the happiness and tranquility in the images in which they are making memes. The relationship is only correct in which two people feel comfortable and there is a mutual understanding between them. As many photographs of Arjun and Malaika have been taken together, mutual happiness, love and devotion are visible. I have not seen any age difference in any image so far. People are so strict in their intelligence and so blind in thinking that they do not see anyone’s love.

Considering that neither the members of Malaika’s family, not even her children, have problems with the relationship between the two, nor her ex-husband Arbaaz Khan. Arbaaz has come a long way from the old relationship to the new, seemingly happy relationship. Arjun’s family and friends have no problem either. Even if there is a celebrity, but there is also a limit to snobbery in your personal life. With whom two people will live, will not be decided by the desire and convenience of any third party. Those who share memes about this relationship are actually very mentally ill and have little ability to think.

The debate that was to be debated on Arjun Kapoor’s birthday did not go unnoticed.

The good thing would have been that instead of making fun of Arjun Malaika’s age difference, people would have pointed to the party that took place on his birthday. Apart from members of Arjun’s family, some people from the industry also attended the party. Photos of Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Vijay Deverakonda have arrived. Both are said to go to Arjun’s house. Other people also came. Mumbai has barely emerged from the second claw of the epidemic just a few days ago, it is not free. The country is also troubled. And the danger of the Delta Plus variant seems to lurk. On the other hand, the cases of continuous infection have increased again for three days. The social gathering has increased with the relaxation of the confinement. This is worrying in the current situation. Even if people have been vaccinated and follow all covid protocols.

Indeed, these images of people living in public life – Arjun Kapoor and celebrities from all walks of life – will excite the general public. This is enough to spoil the situation, which has started to appear. People have started sharing pictures of trips and parties. As if after the second wave came out, the country had beaten the corona epidemic. Stars like Arjun should avoid these kinds of performances for a few months. Well, you are in the world of glamor, you are aware and you are also taking precautions. But you also have a responsibility. People see you and then go their own way and start having fun just like you. Bollywood people should put off these unnecessary events for at least a few days.

Those who make fun of Arjun Kapoor for something nonsensical can also campaign on this important issue. If you are sensitive and your mind is not full of garbage.

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