This is one of the best catches in world cricket; Surprisingly Harleen Deol !!


  • Harleen Deol with impressive performance
  • Congratulations to Sachin Tendulkar
  • India lost the match against England

Nearttamptan: T-20 match against England in India parajayappettirikkam, but the competition is called harlin diyealinera India. Harleen’s acrobatic performance on the dividing line to knock out England’s Amy Jones can no longer be easily forgotten by cricket fans.

The beautiful capture of Matsarattinera in the XIX. Everyone is convinced that the ball Amy Jones picked up was a six. But Harleen Deol was catching the ball flying. He also saved six. Harlinera kayyatikkukayan Cricket World kyaccin. Legendary hitter Sachin Tendulkar has described him as the best catch of the year.

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Former England cricketer Issa Guha and former West Indies captain Darren Sammy have praised Harleen. Indian captain Harman Preet Kaur also made an excellent catch in the match. The capture came on the 19th to fire Natalia Sheaver.

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